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SCR - Scroooge

Hello everyone!
I am glad to share with you my trading strategy based on searching market disbalances and strong impulses detection. My trading is manual now, but in the beginning I used automatic algorythm. I had to give up fully automated trading for strict control and better risk management. My portfolio consists of major 6 fx pairs: EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY, AUDUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD. It is very conservative strategy with few trades per month. It was backtested on long history and in live market environment for several years. And it showed stable results. You may follow my strategy (SCR) and be happy with me.


Dear investors and followers! Don’t miss the chance to use my darwin in your portfolio.
Martingale has been eliminated. And now my trading style is more effective, reliable and profitable.
I am really happy to offer you my best practices. Any questions concerning my darwin would be welcome.

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Darwin SRC

Strategy Scroooge

Despite a horrible rating on the ‘Rs’ attribute, in the last month the VaR seems to stabilize. To see if this stability will be confirmed in time.[quote=“Scroooge, post:1, topic:1603”]
My trading is manual now, but in the beginning I used automatic algorythm.

Indeed, 39 trades in the last month, out of a total of 11’925 trades since the beginning of track-record.

It would be interesting that you indicate from what date you have deployed your current strategy according to the current operation.


From the February trading is fully manual.


Hi everyone!
I am happy to share with you my strategy SCR that have beed modificated and now works with low risks but stable profits. In October 2017 it was finally optimized and launched with new parameters. 6 pairs are involved to the strategy, it is fully automated and autonomous.
The system is able to generate 3-5% profit per a month or about 1% per a week. Risk per trade is 0.5%.
Average length of time per 1 trade is 30-40 minutes.
The system has no martingale, not overstay of losses. It’s really carefully considered system.
Everyone can try it for a while and I promise that you can’t stay neutral.
If you have any question - please feel free to cantact with me here.


I know it is a pitty to loss a 10 in experience, but I would recomend to you to begin a new account and begin to quote a new darwin with this new risk management and automated execution.

To me, just a quick look at your darwin from the beginning, and I wouldn’t be analizing it for more than 1 minute, so you would lose me as a possible investor even before beginning.

On the other hand, if in 8/10 months from now, you really are able to get a 1% return weekly with that risk, I might consider investing in your darwin if you have had good results.

It is my opinion, but I would bet that it is many other’s opinion.

You can always at least begin a new account, mirrow your trades, and try to get some DarwiniA prize with this one, and investors from the new one once it has had some months of track record.

Hi! Thank you for your advice. I will think about new (additional) account.
But this one also will be functioning.
You can follow my strategy and if you like my future results - welcome to invest to SCR. I am sure that performance will be fantastic because much has been done this year.

Hello everyone!
I am happy to announce that my strategy SCR brought me 8.87% profit with 2.35% DD in 3 months (Dec-Feb):



Total return for last 6 months is 18%. Updated chart:


The huge improvement is quite clear also from Darwin’s return chart and DScore, congrats! :+1:


Hello everyone!
My progress in #DAX30 (GDAXI) trading.

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Hello Dear community!
I just want to share with my updated statistics of my darwin SCR.
There’ll be a new high soon. :chart_with_upwards_trend: :slight_smile:

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Hi @Scroooge !
Any updates or comments on SCR performance?
Is it consistent with your backtest and expectations?

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Current DD is around 3% - it’s absolutely acceptable scenario.