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SCS : migrated and live results

Glad to hear! :clap::+1:


The trading history start date goes back before the broker website was even created.

Created Date: 03.05.2016
Trading history starts 04.01.2016


a long track-record and even better “algo” trader.
with this 2Y return and this DD how can any investor resist? very few… lets see how many of them will keep here in one year.



MT4 server can be purchased very easily. 2000Eur per month, that is, for 2000Eur, you can create your own fake history. then just create a web page. but why do they do on Darwinex are only performance fees? if the account will continue with Darwinex so nicely, so that is the ponzi scheme by Darwinex. if Darwin SCS crashed , its OK.

The solution is to accept account migration only from a large regulated broker. to accept migration only from a large known world broker (e.g., IcMarkets, Pepperstone, Lmax, FxOpen, FxPro, Alpari, Axiory, XM, oanda, fxcm, tickmill, think markets, RoboForex, ForexTime, HyCm, Fxcm etc).

GSX have fake results too , 64 Return/DD Ratio.


IMO it was just a way to advertise an EA to sell.
There are no mentions to the darwin on that webpage.

@ignacio @miguelrDarwinex @NicolasDarwinex

This two darwins cannot be invested but I think they should be turned to inactive or hidden.
Now they are on the top of default rankings (ordered by return)
Giving visibility to fake stuff doesn’t help to the credibility of the exchange.


It’s a good thing to realize, even a bit latter, but I’m affraid the damage is done.

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Which damage?

Instead of complaining AFTER why haven’t you warned the community before @goldenedge159 ?

You read the post of Old school and you have the answer.
I’m not here to make the police.

Hi @CavaliereVerde!

Thanks for pointing this out.

For the moment there is no 100% evidence it is a fake account.

I remind everyone these DARWINs have born without the possiblity to invest in them.

I understend but IMO the policy should be the opposite:
if there are suspects the darwin should be hidden.

I think we both agree that a darwin is something serious, a little hedge fund not a toy.


I think that this problem could be bypassed if darwinex changes the migration policy.

I understand that to attract traders and especially traders which already have investors (copytrading, PAMM and other ways …) there is the need to accept migrated account, BUT NOW that Darwinex has a quite long history and a well reasonable number of good Darwin, there’s no more need to accept ALL the migrated account.

We know why… and those two examples are there to remember us that not everyone play safe and sound… SO… just insert a bigger filter, normally accept migrated account but before opening the darwin and so display it to everyone, just ask to wait 3Periods… BUT in case darwinex staff can be sure of the rightness of the migrated account, to accept at once the migration and open the darwin.
In this way everyone would be tutelated.

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Personally I don’t invest in Darwins with less than X months since migration, so this shouldn’t affect me so much. It’s great knowing that Darwinex won’t let you buy the darwin, but it’s in the Top 10 of the best scoring Darwins (80.19) :slight_smile:


Hi Forexintradiadarwin,

Interesting conversation. Personally, I have not yet made any investments in Darwinex and part of the reason for that is being able to assess who to invest in (with what I find to be a lot of complicated data).

You say above that you see two guys trying to fool you. I’ve looked at SCS and its apparently very good track record. I wondered if you would let me know what it is about this Darwin that stands out as making it a fake strategy? (I can see that it has a short time frame since migration to Darwinex).

Thank you for your help in advance.

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I suggest you to read carefully the discussion above.

Hi Spanner,

Some migrations could be faked (I.E:, a small broker could be in conspiracy or even be the trader behind the darwin. what I suggest to any investor is to be away of any new migrated darwin with ¨too good to be truth¨ performance.

Give them 3 months in Darwinex before investing any money. Just an advice.


Hi Forexintradiadarwin,

Thank you for your reply and I will cetainly take your advice, thank you.

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Hi CavaliereVerde,

Thanks, I have now read the discussion above, I seemed to be on a different thread before.

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Yes I know, I moved your post to this discussion about SCS and other strange migrations. :slight_smile: