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SCS : migrated and live results

Wow, it may actually be legit.


Indeed, if this is legit than it is by far the best i’ve ever seen.
Would be awesome if the SCS would take part in this conversation.

Kind regards,


You took the words out of my mouth… :smiley:

A dedicated topic with an extesnive description by the trader would be even better… :wink:


I am trying, I promise!


I know you guys are doing your best.
All in all, if this trader proves to be real. We owe him (or her) the apologie of the name of this thread :smiley:

Wish you guys all the best

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If the trader opens an official thread I will modify this one. :wink:

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LOL certainly the trader is real but his results are NOT.

Well, his results are real at least since once month ago, 27/07/2018…


Yes of course, and I’m Warren Buffet.

I’m not sure to understand your irony. Are you saying that the native track record in darwinex can be faked?

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This is correct.

This is bullshit.


That’s really great when an darwinex stuff use exactly the same words for which the other users are banned.

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I forgotten all those who speed to like the post, so they can have darwinex favors.

Keep going like this guys.

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It happens when someone doesn’t lose an opportunity to blame Darwinex for everything.

Here we are running a discussion on some migrations, everyone can intervene if he has something new and useful to add, not to cast useless statements.


Lol that’s BULLSHIT!!!

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I can´t state these darwins are fake because I can´t prove it, however I have the right to doubt their previous results to the migration are for real.

I am just going to wait some months to see what happens. You know, you learn some things along the life, one of them is ¨99% of times when something looks too good to be true…it is fake¨.

…but 1% of the times is legit…

Other thing I have learn ¨time is the fairest judge¨…so, let´s wait and see…

Please DAIICHI, can´t you be a normal (educated, respectful, collaborative) person? Isn´t it so diffucult, just try.

PD: if after several months these darwins keep performing similar, I´ll be the first to apologize for my doubts.


I:m not going to waste my time to answer such comments.

I’'m leaving you between guys well educated. LOLOLOL

Nobody forces investors to run to the highest return holy grail like brainless cows.
Every investor is free to wait one month or one year and maybe to gather other infos beyond return and DScore.
Investing isn’t easy but trading the market is 100 times more difficult.


If in some months the returns curve continues like this, money will flood to SCS. There will be a race to have bought this darwin before the whole Cp is filled ($2.4M is the maximum expected investment).

Also, if this is true, then SCS only would need one or two years of darwin’s benefits before reaching full capacity for the strategy, then close the darwin, and then trade only the strategy for himself.

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Thank you for your interest in our trading strategy. We do not support idea to persuade anybody that our trading is profitable and real as there will be always haters and it takes too much energy to persuade people in opposite. Therefore we have never participated in this discussion. But Ignacio asked us to leave a comment here.

Our main point, that we are not in a hurry to be approved by Darwinex and we are not in a hurry to persuade people, that our EAs can trade. The best way for people who accuse us - is to watch our performance live. You can take as much time as you want. For those, who want to make some investigation themselves - we offer to download our EAs through mql5 and do the free tests of all 14 EAs we currently use. You don’t need to pay anything - simply download through the market and test them. In description you have details which instrument and TF to use.

If you want to know more, how the strategies were created please watch our videos, which we prepared in order to explain people in few minutes what we are doing, instead of writing dozens of pages with screenshots: VIDEO-PRESENTATIONS OF THE COMPANY AND THE PROCESS OF STRATEGIES MINING (YouTube), VIDEO PRESENTATION OF THE PROCESS OF CREATING PORTFOLIO PRODUCT - SCRPTX SIGNAL (YouTube)

We won’t participate in this discussion anymore. You have three options in our opinion:

  1. Watch our performance as much as you need to feel comfortable and decide whether to invest or not;
  2. Test our EAs for free and make sure, that this trading is real;
  3. Not to invest in our strategy at all, and don’t leave any comments here.

Thank you for your time and patience.