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Searching tool changed

just wondering why searching option changed in a way that whatever I searched as last strategy/user/darwin will stay there?
Its a bit annoying to remove it all the time when I look for new darwin etc.
Is there any way to have it back as it used to be?
Thank you.



:+1: Actually I was also annoyed by this but didn’t realise what it was until reading this. The team will have a look at it.


Merci :slight_smile:

It seems that closed darwins can’t be found anymore with the search, just tried with TAK, I hope it is a bug and it is not intentional.

Not a bug at all, it’s for eliminating noise.

Why would it be useful to show closed darwins in search results?

Who are we going to criticize then…?


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Closed darwins are fundamental to have a realistic picture of the ecosystem and also to test portfolio rules on “dead” darwins and not only on survivors.

Discussions of this kind:

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I understand! But is the search tool vital for that given that you previously need to have identified those DARWINs (otherwise couldn’t search for them)?

A solution could be - when coming across a closed DARWIN, adding it to a List. No need for further search.

Another one is going by URL: URLs have been simplified recently and don’t include numbers any more!