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Second sort sequence not known or shown in lists

Can you explain the second sort sequence in lists?

The following filter list is sorted by investors. How is the sort defined if more than one Darwin has the same number of investors shown?
Physically random?
Anything not visible?

For example: Why is HFP better ranked than ZHA or ULT?

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@integracore2 @bianka @ignacio can you help to solve the riddle?

Looks like the secondary sort criteria in the screenshot is return.

That’s not consistent with my experimenting though.

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The overall return since inception? -1 and 0 investor groups are not sorted by return shown (1 month)

Right, just was noticing that and you beat me to deleting my posts

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Overall return (my idea above) also does not work, you see that at the Darwin’s prices.

For an automated process as suggested by @PER75 on another thread it is essential to know that or define an own second sort sequence. Otherwise a fix number of Darwin’s in a portfolio could build a big unwanted component which must be cleared always with high manual effort.

Sorry, the secondary criterion for sorting DARWIN lists on the platform is not meant to be disclosed at this moment of time. The current feature offered is sorting according to one criterion.

It’s my understanding that, for automating DARWIN portfolios, you can do that using the DARWIN API.

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