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See how often DARWIN has been viewed

It might be very interesting to see how often our DARWIN has been viewed by other people. It can all be anonymous, of course. And also to see what they clicked on to see our DARWIN. Maybe they clicked on a filter result, or a post from our website, or something like that. It could prove beneficial to know how to direct people to our DARWINS. And it would also be interesting to see which filters seem to impress potential investors the most - based on where we get the most clicks from.

I am trying to think if that would somehow create a conflict of interest that would go away from the Darwinex value of aligning goals, and so far I can not think of one.

Of course, there would be a responsibility on our part as traders to ensure that we are not directing people to our DARWINS in such a way that would breach regulatory standards.


I think it is obvious that it would be a conflict of interest.

What you’re suggesting is to transform an exchange “trader<->investor”, into a store “trader<-investor”, a place where the traders with more money would be able to convince as much investors as possible, not thanks to good trading, but thanks to “flashy things”. Let’s put lights, and banners, and advertise the darwins to make them to seem better, despite the bad results. Let’s hire designers to design a “darwin’s homepage”, with a logo and a team of designers to make a darwin to seem a better one. And so on.

When I go to the supermarket, I know that they are going to do anything to convince me to buy. My movements are recorded and analyzed, to know how to make me buy more things. And that’s not fair for customers.

Darwinex doesn’t need filters to “impress potential investors”. Darwinex need filters to show, in equal conditions, the darwins capabilities. When someone’s trying to impress other guy, is to take some kind of advantage over him/her. Impressing potential investors could be good for the trader, and really bad for an investor, because he wouldn’t compare fairly between traders. What you’re suggesting would put the traders into a different kind of competition: not to be the better trader, but to be the most known trader to attract more money.

The only people that should be able to access to that data (where investors/traders click more, how they move across the page…) should be Darwinex themselves, to improve the user experience.

I think it is ok for a trader to know how many people has seen his darwin, that won’t harm (although I think it is useless, at the end). But making something like facebook advertisement, letting traders analyze where the “customers/investors” come from, even segregating (why not?) by gender, amount of money in darwinex, and so on, is obviously a conflict of interest.


Thank you. I genuinely appreciate the feedback and opening my eyes to how that would ultimately play out, and your logic seems very sound. This was good for me.


I’m not sure how to write this… I was expecting more fighting arguments from your side, but your honest answer showed me a life lesson, it makes me humble. This is really a great community and everyday I learn something (sometimes, in the most unexpected moments!) :slight_smile:


This really does seem to be an amazing community of people. And for you to also write what you just wrote, that shows a lot about you. People are amazing. :slight_smile: