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Short Term DARWIN "trading" or gambling

Do you how annoying this is for a Darwin provider who is trying to provide long term returns for his investors and for Darwinia allocations??

I need stability and security to have investments for at least 6 months like Darwinex offers thru Darwinia allocations.
I just got paid my first performance fees for my first Darwinia allocation of $2400 for the first 3 months.
Doesn’t this prove to investors that the best way to profit is to stay invested?

Why trade the DARWIN’s so short term — like 4 days??
If you are investing in a strategy, it must be given at least 3 months to percolate and for you to decide if the trajectory and behavior is correct.

Do you how many investors including @DarwinexLabs who are entering into BUX for short in and out jabs of investment??

What is this??

I see a recent investor of $8000 cut his loss after only 4 days, and now BUX has already recovered it!
This negatively affects my ability to make profits when investors are turning investing into something more like trading or gambling.

Thoughts are welcome.


Totally agree with you.

The problem is lots of Darwins have erratic behaviour where they are up 20 % then down 20% so those desperate to gamble and get money fast jump in.

The only thing you can do, is to keep banging on about it until those types don’t invest in you.

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It can be a little annoying yes. This is because in your own head, you have got your psychology straight. You know precisely what your strategy is and as an experienced trader you know that it is necessary to accept drawdowns in order to achieve long term gain. An investor however, can’t see into your head! Many investors find it difficult to accept a loss, they panic when you enter a drawdown and want out.

The advice is exactly the same as Muiris said - you are in no real position to sort out the pscychology that is going on inside people’s heads. That’s something that those individals need to sort out themselves - therefore you need to simply keep on doing what you are doing, and keep doing it well. Try not to let it annoy you - If you do let it annoy you, you will find that it starts to play with your own psychology and you might start to trade differently in an attempt to keep those investors on board - THIS WOULD BE A GREAT MISTAKE. Do not let investor behaviour affect how you trade. Continue to trade as you are, making decisions based on your own criteria.

If some investors fall away that’s cool. Don’t worry. The investors that understand the associated risks and accept them will stay with you. Carry on doing what you do and you will make a nice return irrespective.


Maybe a gimmickry tip. Anyway.
I remember some wanted to control the investment flow of their Darwins as they wish. Opening/closing gates is a trick more or less available since the Capacity manager was released, within a $100k approximation frame.
On your description you could imply that you’re not always open for AuMs and to “not miss the opportunity” to join and hold when your shop is open. I.e. find a way to act as a threat showing a poker face, to induce that uninvesting triggers a risk to be left on the side in the future.
Otherwise, we’re only left with education, but who knows if those fearful invesors read our remarks at Community. Build a website and argue that you represent a priviledge on the shopping market and give best instruction pratices.

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Well,if I look at your Darwin performance since beginning,I would also be nervous at the first sign of serious DD.You had very good start since Feb. 2017 and than followed by protracted period of sideways movement with deep DD three times.It lasted exactly one year.Now you had again very good performance almost the same as in 2017 and Darwin started showing signs of gravity.People are probably afraid another 12 months of consolidation is in order and would rather skip that part.
Other than that,I have spent serious amount of time and money at Alpari PAMM service and couldn’t take it any more.When I see a trader with loss per trade/win per trade ratio expressed in pips 6-9:1 and winning percentage 95%,that in my experience is accident waiting to happen.Alpari is graveyard full of such PAMMS.Billionaires like Tudor became rich doing exactly the opposite,while I am not aware of anybody becoming rich your way.



DarwinexLabs is an automated strategy, it is not buy and hold, I dont’ know the rules so I cannot criticize.
It seems some kind of breakout with short stops.

He has 183 closed trades on my KVL . :slight_smile:

They are working with 60 darwins and thir result was +6% for the first half of 2018 , no answer for the second part…:pensive:


The problem with that approach is that you might be seen as a lairy salesperson or scammer. Anything written like that would be a huge red flag for me.


the best way to keep these types away and to retain investors is to have low drawdown and modest steady gains.

no gambler will be attracted to such small wins and no investor will want to exit when you never show much drawdown.


I must admit when I saw the charts with those large and sudden short term moves from investors, it made me feel confused and a little wary (as an prospective Investor)

In short “wtf is going on here”. Thanks to you and @CavaliereVerde for providing some information.


BTW if I dont’ like grids/baskets or long stops the solution is to avoid investing, not to get out after a week of DD.

Many famous traders from the past were trendfollowers but there are also other ways to beat the market.
Selling after a week of DD is a certain way to lose money with every kind of darwin.

I am not investing BUX but I am investing BSL that has some similarities.
When BUX will meet my requirements I have no problems to invest, and it will be an investment not a trade.


The best way to deal with this erratic behavior will be what Juan has thought of and talked about in the past : that is to say favour the oldest investors who joined in early and grant them with better transmission, most favorable execution, aka less slippage. That would represent a strong locker for those who are butterflys. Hope it happens. There needs to be incentives to stick around. Just like traders have the Experience attribute, put one in place for investors as well… triggering a reward

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Impressive ! By any chance, was it in any forum thread here ? Thanks.

It was evoked within one of the webinars. Don’t remember which one exactly. I think it was one of the Q&A ones, near the end of it

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Also investors are encouraged: investors rebates, free x2 leverage.
The best incentive for investors is to make money, when you are right you make money.
If you make momey the trader earns a fee, even with an investment of one week…


Thanks @EvidenceAlpha

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@SECURIX I was wrong. Head at 48min30sec

I see how such idea of multi-level divergence could trigger adverse reactions. Since I also totally understands @CavaliereVerde’s stance about approaching Darwinex in a more active way (referring to his ongoing portofolio’s thread here).
Good time to get accustomed to the idea way ahead in advance and unleash the debate maybe.

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Thank you very much @EvidenceAlpha ! I’m going to study it.

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Maybe I didn’t understand it correctly, cause it is reported that “unpassive traders of traders bring more value to the table” , also that other incentives could be imagined than toying with the average weighted fills dispatched the same to users (now). Still some mystery remains to dream about :slight_smile:

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Now that I’ve seen the video, I’m indeed curious to know if Darwinex progressed relatively to such idea :grin: !

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Wow ! x2 commissions is free ! So cool. :sunglasses: