CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 64 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.



Im new here. sort of, I have a suggestion, simplify things, simplify them a lot. Currently all those Darwin attributes, numbers and analytics are way to complicated for any serious investor I think. They might be interesting for someone who wants to become a expert in alternative investments products so to speak and further promote your products (Darwins) but they are way to complicated for a investor an uninteresting from a trader point of view. For potential investors, I think, is like you would want to sell a car by presenting the way its engine and each component works or something like that if you know what I mean, a client that wants a car does not want to become a engineer. People that might want to invest serious capital usually have their own business and they would not be interested to become an expert in the way you, as a company, created a product (Darwin) and all its attributes. Traders behind the Darwins are not (should not be - unless they try to support you as you back them also, which is obviously a good thing, I too try to do it trough this very pots) interested either in the way a Darwin performs and all its attributes as the Darwin is a Darwinex product - a investment vehicle - and a completely different thing than their product (business) -the underlying strategy that drives it but as long as individual traders get a share of the profits they will come here to try to drive a Darwin. I too have a strategy to buy when goes up and sell when goes down and vice versa so I guess you can say Im a trader and thats my business and by watching your videos about Darwin attributes and reading about them I got headaches. Im interested in my business only and I got enough numbers to think about all day so in the same way a potential investor has its own business.
Personally I believe that a investor needs to know three maybe four things: how trustworthy is your company products, how trustworthy are you as a company, whats the potential return he can get, whats the risk he needs to take in order to achieve that return and that`s all. For that you only need to present a Darwin rate of return, max historical drawdown, monthly gains, period of time and that would be all, not even the underlying strategy would not be mandatory from a investor point of view… Those attributes should be entirely your job as a company, your criteria to select and possible promote a Darwin (your product, your “car”) to an investor but kept in the back office or so I believe.


People who buy cars don’t make money with cars.
People who want to make money with cars have a deep knowledge about cars.
People who make money with stocks learn to analyze things much more complicated than a Darwin.
If you want to invest all your money and get rich at 30% per year I think it is worth to committ 100 hours to study the thing.


Many thanhs to Unlimitedfx for his post.

That’s what I was saying for some times now.

So there are other peoples that think the same.

@CavaliereVerde You can’t force people studing darwinex. By the way , how many of they that invest the stock market are able to understand an financial report? They buy apple or facebook stock because they like and heard some specialists on tv.

You can read this too:

So what average investors wants like @unlimitedfx has said is: the return, the DD and to have trust in traders.

And their goal isn’t to become rich but to make money work.

If darwinex doesn’t understand that…

Personally I have nothing against darwinex and I want them to succed but I don’t think (that is my opinion) this is the right way.

And all the critics have nothing to do with my trading.

Even I have had an AUM my opinion would be the same.

Very few, and they make money.[quote=“DAIICHI, post:3, topic:1045”]
They buy apple or facebook stock because they like and heard some specialists on tv.
… and they lose money


As always you know better then the others.

I can tell you people that make money too even they don’t know anything.

You don’t have to speak considering only your experience.

In a way you are right, actually you are right in what you said since you pointed out “people who want to make money”, I was thinking about people who already have money, quite a lot money, and want to invest them instead of keeping them in a bank. I think it would be better for Darwinex if it would address people that have money already meaning investors. It would work like this also in time, there are plenty of examples but truly like this I believe that the only people investing in darwinex products will be wanna be traders.

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I agree completely with @unlimitedfx.

If you dont’ want to study how to spot traders and distinguish them from lucky guys, you can let Darwinex do the work and buy DWEX. Not an high return but better than parking money at bank.



But is darwinex’s job to select the good traders and other thet are lucky.

And for the moment it is not possible by theirs notes.

You are right again, but dont scare investors away thats all Im saying, Keep things simple and once the Darwin product is ready deal with "marketing", having all those complicated attributes there does not help attracting investors, on contrary it scares them away thats my opinion anyway.

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If we read the thread there are other people expressing the same worry that @unlimitedfx.

I repeat: is part of darwinex job to select good from bad traders.

If is hard to find even for people who know a lot we can say there is a probleme in the systeme.

To hear the critical voices, Darwinex would purposely create a monster of complexity just for the sake of scaring away investors.

The reality is that all the efforts of Darwinex are deployed to simplify as much as possible the decision of the investors, while putting at the disposal of powerful analytical tools.

There are many social trading platforms and signal services on the market. They are very nice and very easy to use. Normal they were designed to attract pigeons who believe that it is easy.

So those who find Darwinex too sophisticated, will try your luck on another platform. Once you have done the tour and come back on Darwinex, you will be more motivated to make some effort !

@DAIICHI, since you’re not convinced by Darwinex, what are you doing here with your 6 Darwins ? Nobody forces you to stay and make the mourner from morning to night.


It’s better to adress your message to @unlimitedfx who is expressing his opinion like a potential investor.

But apparently you don’t want to here him and focusing in my case.

What I make here is not the probleme of anybody and nothing to do with the thread.

I don’t know the other platforms apart Ayondo but mesuring traders with tools used by the entire industrie like Profit factor, shape ratio etc doesn’t make them worse then darwinex.

Darwinex gives you a selection and it is DWEX.
Where is ayondo’s profitable traders selection?
Are investors making money there?
Investing on myfxbook autotrade is even more difficult than on darwinex, and the question is the same, where is their selection performance?
eToro is as simple as you want: just return and drawdown, I am there since 4 years and investors aren’t making money.
It is not so simple to distinguish a real trader running a robust system to a survivorship bias selection.


You are not coherent! Since Darwinex did not understand anything while you hold the truth, again, what are you doing here?

Do you prefer Ayondo’s analysis tools? Why are you at Darwinex?

This is a justified question, it seems to me.


Well before talking about the selection of traders, a system like AutoTrades simply does not work !

The technical divergence due to the replication through the internet plus the markup on the spread make that even the performance of a good trader can not be replicated.

Below is the VQG Divergence Sensibility chart. This explains to you at a glance the Darwinex superiority. It can be deduced that if this strategy were distributed via AutoTrade or a similar system, the difference for the investor would be in the order of -30% !!

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This is ridiculous like argument.

I never said I detained the truth nor darwinex don’t understand but don’t mind.

Instead yoy can’t ignore all other users that expressing doubt or worry.

Saying all day that tomorrow will be better is putting the dust under the carpet.

When yoy’re ill you can repeate I’ll be better tomorrow at some point you have to take the pills.

Let me ask a question now: why you are here too.

I have the sentiment that to oasse your time.

You’re un investor roo, how money have you earned?


I see two possibilities: or the tools made by darwinex aren’t good enough or you’re not capable of exploiting them.

What makes me lough a lot is that we’ve disscused a lot together and with other personnes at slack and you agreed I wasn’t completely wrong in my critics, and that darwinex uses a arbitrary and questinable way to note traders and here is a completely another song.

Indeed, I have tried for months to explain to you the difference between constructive criticism and systematic denigration.

But even that you are not able to understand.

I am patient and full of good will. But there comes a time when we have to realize that it is hopeless.


I haven’t denigrade nothing.

It’s a simple reality.

You have to be careful of the sense of words before using them.

I can say the same.