CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 64 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


The object of this thread was: make things simple.

It was not me but a potential investor.

And what was the answer?

You have to study or quit.

If the financial industry had speaked like this to all the investors that don’t want to study there will not be many people in the stock market.

I love too the idea of @CavaliereVerde that investors are loosing money but I would be curous hi tells me in which data he 's has found that.

You are right if you concentrate on scalpers, a swing trader could be investable on every platform, what is really wrong is the selection criteria and the rewarding system.

You can try to invest the top 5 traders here, on ayondo and on etoro and you probably lose money on every case but here you will lose less :smiley:

It is difficult to make money here, but elsewhere it is quite impossible.
It is just the opposite: show me someone making money with other “simple” social trading platforms.


I know that my english is not very good but I thought I was expressing in an comprehensible manner.

I’m not comparing darwinex with other social platforms.

I know they are better;

It’s just a question how they are noting traders (IA’s) and promoting them with darwinia.

When an investors take a look at the best darwins he can run away.

Let’s take the probleme another way; you had made a track record and go to a bank with the notes of darwinex to promote your trading.

What the bank will say? Wait a minute , let the darwinex notes and we will make our analyse.

Is as simple as that.

You can link your trackrecord to myfxbook too and show that to the bank if you prefer.
Here is mine:

Or you can just print the report from mt4 with profit factor drawdown…


That’s exactly it!

Darwinex has the only replication engine that replicates performance.

That is why I am enthusiastic: at least the basics of success are there.

The majority of competing systems are scam. I tried them, I know what I’m talking about. And not just for scalpers.

At least with Darwinex, we can sit at the players table with a chance.

But being a winner remains a great challenge.


I know that. I’m not wiling to go anywhere. It was just an exemple to say that in my opinion the way DARWINEX NOTES THE TRADERS HAVE TO BE BETTER;

Everything can be better but here you were asking to be MORE SIMPLE.
Do you think that something more simple that SIX numbers would be enough to discard fake traders?
For me the best thing in Darwinex isn’t the six scores but trading journal.
Try to find that elsewhere! You won’t find it.
But you have to study to use it, and to make money…


OK !

So instead of saying that some attribute is bad, you explain in the details why, and you propose concrete improvements !

But repeat in loop for months: “I understand nothing, it’s too complicated, Darwinex go into the wall, etc.” It just becomes unbearable :rage:


Why doesn’t anyone get it… when you have a track record this good, you’re entitled to criticize without basis all day long…

…oh wait… my bad… :wink:


LOL very good argument.

I’m not telling you my life but someone use this when he don’t have nothing to say.

Ok but it is not a problem of trading performance.
The problem is when people don’t want to study things for some hours and prefer to complain.
Here we have people that appreciate Darwinex after YEARS spent on etoro or myfxbook.
Darwinex is better because it is different, but it requires some study.


What’s your experience as investor?

Is not the question if there are 6,7 or 12 attributes.

But what we are mesuring.

It’s clear that darwinex reward some traders and penalize others.

That can’t be.

That’s simply comprehensible that darwinex can earn more with a day tradrer that a swinger.

How they can do things go better?

I think there are many intelligent people that can find something to do.

@CavaliereVerde is a obsession that you have about studing.

Why you don’t go to study so can understand even better?


What has to do with the thread?

I see you’re going to tell me that I havn’t enough experience.

But you’re wrong.

Yes… like on Ayondo: a lot of “traders” with 10 years of experience but only 6 months of trackrecord.

I can show you too all the traders that had excellent notes and go bunkrupt.

When he does not criticize Darwinex, he criticizes the market :wink:

The market must change for its trading to win, the attributes of Darwinex must change to honor its trading, and so on.

But when one tries to make him understand that one saturates with his whining, it feels assaulted to wrong.


N’importe quoi.

I’ve never critized the market.

But this discussion is going to far.

I’m lessing you to dream.

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Yes, I also can make a long list of burned toptraders on Darwinex Autotrade, eToro and ?
We need things that work.
Up to now Darwinex “complicated rules” are working 10 times better than the rest so I prefer to remain a little complicated.

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