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Single stocks in MT4

A year and a half ago we launched our first offer of single stock contracts for difference. We started with the 30 single stocks on the Dow Jones Industrial Average on the MT5 platform. Half a year later, we added a selection of the more liquid stocks from the NYSE and the Nasdaq, likewise on MT5. The total offer extends to some 250 US stocks. Another half a year later, we launched single stock DARWINs in beta (DARWINs created but not investable).

We are now introducing the possibility to trade our single stock CFDs on the MT4 platform as well. With this change, we hope to significantly increase the number of single stock DARWINs before allowing investment in these DARWINs.

In order to trade live single stocks in MT4, you would have to create a new MT4 account. You cannot trade them in the same account which you use to trade other assets. Another restriction is that you cannot connect nor migrate single stock MT4 accounts from another broker.

In terms of cost and execution, there is no difference between MT5 or MT4. The $0.04 per contract roundtrip brokerage commission you pay us buys you the best fill in the open market, including both CBOE and every alternative via systematic internalisers under the Mifid regime in Europe.

For a complete explanation of how Darwinex’s share CFDs work, check out this webinar recording from last May. The webinar covers the following topics:

  • Why Darwinex started offering single stocks CFDs
  • Why CFDs instead of cash stocks
  • Risks of CFDs
  • CFDs vs. direct market access (DMA) CFDs
  • The price you see
  • The price you get
  • Slippage in the case of stocks

Do you have any questions regarding trading single stocks on MT4? Do not hesitate to share them in comments.

  • when building a track record with a single stock Darwin, can this be used later for Darwinia or investable Darwins? Or do I have to start over again with a new Darwin when it is investable?

  • Will such single stock Darwins remain seperated from other assets (e.g. stocks indexes) in the future?

  • Sharing some experience with my MT5 single stock strategy. I assume it will be the same with MT4 and I suspect it may have to do with the fact that this is specifically about stock trading (i.e. less opening hours in a day).
    The d-period (experience points) of my strategy seems to move very slowly considering the number of trades that I’ve done. 34 trading days, 92 daytrades result in only 0,61 Experience score. D-leverage is between 5 and 25 with an average of 10 , I would say.
    I’ve read the d-period article and given the complexity of the d-period calculation it’s only a gut feeling that that my d-period seems to move too slow compared to other Darwins.
    I’ve noticed something similar with single stock strategy TryStocks. Notice what happen on May 8th 2019. For no obvious reason, d-score and experience score crashed.

My own strategy: Representative trading decisions 13.71 - Average Days per D-period 64.33 - Total D-Periods 0.76

TryStocks strategy - D-score , Experience- and Perf. score crash from 51 to 11 in one single day (D-score)

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Hi @Utopian!

The track record accrued during the non-investable period of stock DARWINs will of course count with all effect once these DARWINs get opened for investment.

Yes, stock DARWINs will remain stock-only DARWINs.

Stock trading accounts should not accrue experience slower than other accounts. Please send us an email to so we can have a look at the spefifics of the case you mention.

Thank you!

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Hi @bianka,

I’ve read this Darwinex article about Experience score and watched that video in that article. It’s now much more clear to me how experience score calculates and I think I’ve found the reason to the slow progress of my Experience score. My trades don’t seem to be homogeneous enough in terms of d-leverage and duration. I have many short trades ranging from a few minutes to up to 60 min. and fewer trades which last up to 7 hours. That seems to be a rather unhealthy combination for the Experience score. Unfortunately there is not much I can do about those longer running trades without endanger my whole trading strategy.
Anyways, thanks for your response bianka

PS. I would still be interested to know how Trystocks strategy can crash so much in performance in one day (when performance hasn’t been that bad) and even more interesting, why Experience score has crashed, where Experience normally shouldn’t decrease at all. It should only increase.

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During the first times of stock DARWINs, there was a bug in the Experience score of stock DARWINs whereby trades that were open overnight were counted as different trades. This resulted in a recalculation of the score. Seems like Trystocks was affected and got its score recalculated. Now it shows the correct score.

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