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SIX - presentation and review

Good afternoon Community,

Please see the presentation of my darwin, I did it because I notice that divergence begin to hit my darwin.

To lose the capital, It is very difficult.

My major investor are Darwinia, Darwinex investment and DarwinexLab, So, I don’t understand why independent investor don’t invest in my Darwin with that good performance. I invested in other darwins, however I had to use my darwin to recover some of them.
I would like to present it to the community in case you are interesting to add the SIX to your portfolio and don’t miss the chance, It it given very good profit with very low risk.

The SIX has many internal systems that are running, I only put the best of the best in the SIX.
There are other systems in demo with good profit waiting for the opportunity, however they have to work hard to be included in the SIX.

It is like Real Madrid or Barcelona, there are many good players, however only the best of the best can play. that is how is the SIX.

So, The SIX has very good diversify option, when one system lose, the other win, that is the smooth curve that we get with the SIX. I don’t like too much high emotions, that is why SIX doesn’t have crazy peak, I prefer sleep relax. (you can expect the same).


  1. The system execute trades when there is low volatility in order to avoid high risk.
  2. Not grid
  3. Not Martingale
  4. Not Hedge
  5. Max one trade per strategy
  6. One microlot 0.01 for every 1,000
  7. Drawdown control (you can see how smooth is a DD instead insane 90 degree DD)
  8. There is always SL but not TP.
  9. The systems are not long term or trend follower, it is a mix between scalping and intra-day system.

D-Score explanation:
Low R+ and R-: this is because the system takes the decision when to go out, depend of market condition, there is not exact value to go in or out, the system is more intelligent that system with only TP or SL.
Duration: normally each trade has 7 to 8 hours, however there is not specify rule associated with time for close a position, when a trade takes more than 8H, the system begin to look for best moment to get out, This system is not long term or trend follower.
LA: it is poor because I have relation where if I lose, i will lose more that I win, however the frequency of winning trades are very high. I improved a lot this value because I didn’t understand well how Darwinex measured it at the beginning. so I reduce exposition to market in order to have better relation, you can check it in the last 6 months.
Capacity: The capacity is low because I am not trend follower, So, something to go out of market I close a position with 3H with 0 profit, or close trade with with 10 pips, however there are other that reach 50 pips. that is why capacity is low. If I want to increase this item, I should increase Holding time, move to trend following, increase exposition to market.

I can’t warranty that SIX will continue with the same performance, however the probability to happen it is very high, this is a very good system relation with excellent control.

So, let’s analyze:
Low d-leverage: (low risk):

Risk Stability:

brief explanation about how the SIX is built and filtered systems to production
Each server has 3 MT4, insight each MT4 I have 90 EAs running, I have a lot of system running at the same time but I only put the best of the best in the Darwin SIX.

Example of one of them insight:

however, remember than SIX has a couple of system running, only the best of many EAs.

This is my Messi:

However, remember that there are more systems in the SIX with similar performance.

So, I hope that I could explain clear the Darwin SIX and it help you to analyze carefully the option to invest on my Darwin.

Please notice I am here to solve any question you have related SIX.

Thanks for your time reading this information,



Hi @sergioandreslq
Welcome to the community!
I watched some of the videos of your youtube channel, very good stuff!

I manage KVL so I perfectly understand your point on private investors.
Unfortunatelly the crowd doesn’t look to DScore or filters.

The crowd look to return, wise investors invest professional trackrecords that built a robust return in 3 years , noobs are fooled with recent migrations with a Return=10xDD .

Robust trackrecords with 30% return, 15% DD and less than 2 years are appreciatd by Darwinex and few sophisticated investors (= other traders :wink: )

Hi Sergio,

Since you have a spanish name and put some examples about spanish soccer teams, I guess you are spanish.

It will be a pleasure if you join a spanish telegram group where we speak exclusively about Darwinex. It is not any official Darwinex grupo, but you will find there a lot of traders & investors, so maybe your Darwin could get some more attention.

It will be a pleasure you join us:


Hi @sergioandreslq

Great to have your introduction (and a detailed one) here, since I cross your DARWIN every Sunday in the Under The Radar filter :slight_smile:

Best to you and SIX, and a lot of AuM :darwinex:

Don’th hesitate to keep us updated from time to time, so we can share your evolution outside of the Community, too!

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you said that you don’t have much investors but I can see that there are already 22.

Can you please , if it’s possible tell the nomber of privete investors among them?