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SL & PL in Sell

Why Darwin does not have Sell stop & Limit?

PL, make Profit target & stop loss of darwin.

You find a sell stop where you see the take profit limit.

Do you miss a buy stop and buy limit? That would be a good suggestion.

Thank you. I have found ‘conditional order’.

Can I use this order during already invest darwin?

Can I use this feature only the first time I buy?

On a live portfolio you have buy limit and buy stop, I just saw. Never used that.

If you have a position in your portfolio you can add a tp and sl Order with the + sign. I assume you can add more than one if you split the position.

You can always add to an existing position by using the trade button on the Darwin.


Here’s our article about conditional orders:

Let me know if you miss anything in it!

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I guess shorting Darwins won’t be implemented? :grimacing:

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Could be an unsolvable problem for the risk manager

problem with that is, people could team up and manipulate. crash their Darwin while friend shorts it.

Edit. although I do remember someone who worked in prop, saying they were told in training to just try lose money for a day on purpose and they couldn’t :joy::joy::joy:


I thought the grimace smiley would’ve made it clear I was joking :woozy_face:

It’s one thing betting against a company by shorting a stock, but it’s just evil betting against a person anyways.

Haha! That’s awesome! ESMA did make it a lot harder by limiting the leverage though :laughing:

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not really. betting against a martingale would be fast ticket to success :wink: