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SPA35 missing on real account in MT4


I’m missing SPA35 on real account for trading microlots with it, it is available only on demo account and traded there successfully.

I assume that it will come anytime - is there a list which CFDs are available for MT4 on a live account or do I have to crawl thru the specifications?

This is the list:

Minimum size for SPA36 is 0.10 contracts, I’ll check why it’s available with 0.01 minimum size on demo accounts as it shoudn’t be.

What is not clear to me is whether you can’t trade SPA35 on real account at all (in which case you should ask our team to enable it for you as it’s enabled manually) or whether you can trade it already but not with 0.01 size (the reason for which I explained above).

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Currently it is not even available in the MT4 symbol list TS-index5 where it is shown in MT4 demo in D-TS-index5.

If it is in a different symbol list on the real account please let me know.
I cannot find it in any symbol list available for my real account.

Edit: I don’t need it at 0.10 contracts, I need it at 0.01 contracts as shown in demo. Otherwise it is better that it is not available until I can get it with 0.01 lots.

I undestand now.

Operations has confirmed that they’ll change minimum size for SPA35 to 0.10 also on demo accounts so that it reflects live trading conditions.

Should you want to trade it live (0.10 minimum size), you’d need to ask our support team ( to enable it for you manually. SPA35 is enabled manually upon request since we have not managed to adapt our risk manager to its timetable yet. Therefore, although you can create a DARWIN from an MT4/MT5 strategy which has traded the IBEX, once the DARWIN has been created, that asset will be disabled on the underlying strategy.

Unfortunately, for the time being, reducing the SPA35 minimum size to microlots is not on the short-term roadmap.

Thanks for the answer. I hope Darwinex could decide soon to offer microlots for this and other index CFDs.

As the account should become a Darwin over this weekend, it doesn’t make sense to trade SPA35 live just for one day.