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Stock DARWINs have started participating in DarwinIA

Stock DARWINs are in beta and thus closed to investment. Normally DARWINs which are closed to investment don’t participate in DarwinIA.

However, we’ve made an exception with stock DARWINs which have started participating in the monthly trading competition.

The stock DARWIN with the highest D-score at this moment of time is BWS and its current position in DarwinIA is 692.

We’re aware that there’s no means yet to filter DARWINs by asset type. This is yet to come, possibly when stock DARWINs become open to investment.

Note that we’re still in test phase with stock DARWINs with special attention to corporate actions. A corporate action affecting a stock DARWIN would probably affect its return and we may decide to exclude it from DarwinIA.

In summary:

  • You can trade stock CFDs both in MT5 and MT4
  • You can create stock DARWINs in beta
  • Stock DARWINs in beta participate in DarwinIA, and
  • Track record accrued during the non-investable phase of stock DARWINs will 100% count when they become open to investment

So stock can now compete in Darwinia even though previously, it was said that using MT5 means you cannot compete in Darwinia?

this is great news :smiley: :+1:

I’m not sure if I understand the below statement. Is this when large drawdowns are happening in a Darwin because of some stock (or several) is crashing for whatever reason?

@FatManFX in this Darwinex YT-vid from 2018 about single stock CFD’s there were no limitations mentioned for MT5 single stock Darwins and Darwinia.

During a time, MT5 accounts could not create DARWIN and hence couldn’t participate in DarwinIA. Since Summer 2018, MT5 account can create DARWIN and hence they do participate also in DarwinIA.