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Stop accepting migrations

It is a choice, Darwinex chose to allow migration but shows the date for transparency.


That’s all. It’s their business decision.

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Trackrecord farming is a plague for social investing but I agree that Darwinex should work more to improve execution contidions.

The most sucessful darwins work on forex majors, better conditions on majors make the difference while adding hundreds of stocks CFDs is more a marketing move.

Quality vs quantity.


This is the miracle of trackrecord farming, and these trackrecord usually start with very high VAR to keep a low cost for the farm.
Unfortunatelly we have a trackrecord of scores and AUM but not of equity.
Even when they have a decent equity it is likely tht they have been funded only just before going public.


is XUX not exciting for you?
I am offended.

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I always admired the native trackrecord of CLA , the only stain was the low equity.
Now after 35% drawdown the trader migrates RUO with a dream growth chart.
Here we have the explaination for the small account.


I wonder why Darwinex does nothing (that I know) about it.
Between two extremes like not allowing investors to join a migrated account unless he/she also has 1 year track record on Darwinex and doing nothing about it, I’m sure that there can be a solution in the middle, like an alert that pops up when an investor clicks to put money in it, stating that the account has been migrated in xx/xx/xxxx and to consider that before investing.

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2 years ago ther were users asking alerts for everything…
The alert is the migration flag. :wink:
Even without migration nothing prevents a smart genius of social trading to run 100 accounts on Darwinex and darwinize the luckiest with hindsight after a lucky year.
The context of a trackrecord is much more important than the trackrecord.


The equity curve migrated by SCS had a realistic shape.

About martingales you should look to TAK (now closed) , probably it was a martingale mixed with something else with no edge.

The martingale is the return generator and it is hidden, RS and LA help to find it and than you have to confirm it with trading journal.
Only pure martingales like AOF or XXW can be spotted from the return chart.
Sad episode of trackrecord farming.

XIN has been the worst flop at Darwinex since I am here,.
Darwin abandoned leaving 200 investors in DD after 3 years.

Now the trader bumps out with a miracle migration running on less than 500 bucks.
35 believers are already in.




XIN seems a legit darwin to me. He traded his darwin with Darwinex for 4 years). Then after a not too good year he decided to stop, what is the problem? Can you elabored your criticism?

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I agree with your words about GBV and its farmer, but not about XIN. More than half of the top 40 in the hall of fame are dead heroes, not only XIN.

If a strategy does not work anymore, it is better to stop it and stop the Darwin if you don’t have another strategy to replace the losing one.


The trader is the same, if you are a “dead hero” maybe you were only a lucky guy it happens often, but if you come back with a fresh new Grail you give a confirmation to be a farmer that doesn’t deserve to be trusted.


He made 26k with XIN and the amount invested in GBV is ridiculous. He made more than 1,600 % on the trading account so he cannot lose more than 30 bucks - Even if he gets a margin call wiping all trades out there will be more money left than that.


Maybe Darwinex STOP that migrations (with all rights since first day) some day, but it looks like they don´t want to.
But XIN was a legit darwin, I prefer he quit trading if his strategy wasn´t working any more, than other darwins with investors that prefer to keep trading and make the investors lose money regardless the strategy doesn´t work. I believe XIN was more honest quiting trading it.


This Migration problem is becoming Circus to me.First,at the beginning of this year,it was upsetting for me,than I was sad that Darwinex was destroying fair competition among its honest traders and luring naive investors into untrusted ,dishonest traders.Now,I feel that people investing their money into these Migrated track-records,without waiting 12 months to see if performance will be similar to before Migration,deserve to lose money and time.
I wish to all honest traders here to persevere and fight for consistent Returns and long track-records and to all informed,patient,common-sense investors here Prosperous New Year.


the difference is that Darwinex would notice if someone opens 100 accounts in Darwinex and would probably intervene since they check every migrated account (as far as I know). With migrated accounts it will not be noticed how many other accounts have been opened before.