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Stop accepting migrations

The Hall of Fame depends on traders not darwins .
Traders matter, and the trader abandoned 200 investors because a 28% DD wasn’t a Grail for noobs anymore, better to invest 50k of earnings on a farm to generate a new Grail…:smiling_imp:


The hall of fames should be changed that you see the Darwins were the money was made and not any follow up stuff from the same trader which were never successful until now.


Of course it is awful, but as you said it is people money.

What bothers me way more and has to be frustrating for many promising darwins is when you see recent migrated darwins or very mediocre old darwins with one month lucky month getting AUM from Darwinex in Darwinia, because that money should be directed to other darwins with way better native performance, but less experience.
From people I don’t expect too much, many people is naive, or greedy, and most if them are always believing in Santa…looking for the short cut, however I do expect way more from Darwinex.


A toggle switch on the Users Hall of Fame page to select either “All Darwins” or “Active Darwins only” would be helpful. With default setting to “Active Darwins only” obviously :wink:

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Thanks for your feedback, @FedericoSellitti.

Those who have busted their ass in Darwinex for years (including myself :wink: know that Darwinia used to pay cash prizes in the early days.

They also know that Bestscalper was one of the first Darwinex users who made decent returns and, given the low amount of users we had back in the 2014 and 2015, he won several cash prizes in a row back then.

We take note of your feedback and thank you for caring about those of us who have been here since the very beginning!

Trade safe,

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Hall of fame is more than 50% a cemetery meanwhile. At least the Darwin where most of the money was made should be shown as default and not any losing follow up stuff to irritate investors.

To make it useable there would be more improvements needed like suggested here


Giving more visibility to guys that have been lucky recently instead of 2 or 3 years ago would not make the difference.
One year of luck, you win Darwinia or impress 100 noobs, luck lasts for another 3 months and you make fees, very far from being a robust trader.

Bestscalper has made 20k fees in july 2017 because of 300k real AUM and 150 real investors.

The noobs would invest even on a new trader without previous fees, my sadness was because I thought he was a trader and now I discovered he was a farmer.


Thanks, @CavaliereVerde.

I will ask our designers to read this thread so they can study the feedback and implement some of the suggested features.

Thanks everyone for sharing your thoughts!


Hi Ignacio, thanks for your reply.
My intention was absolutely not to deminish Bestscalper’s work or his/her skills as a trader. I don’t know him/her and, even if I did, I don’t like to spend many words about other people. They are free to do whatever they want to do and I will keep my opinion for myself.
My comment was about the Darwin GBV, that happens to be one of his/her Darwin.
Here, we have numbers that we can analyze, so I humbly provide my feedback about it.

I ask you a question as a person, not as a trader. Do you think it’s fair that someone migrates his/her account with a +1,600%, still having less than $500 in the account, and being at the top of most of the filters, with a D-Score of 84?

I see that many people say that investors deserve to lose money when they invest in these Darwins. In my opinion, this is not fair and it should be Darwinex that should do something about it.

My mom invests her money in some products at the post office. She goes there, they show her some options and she basically has a look at the track record and a number that shows the risk from 1-5. When she sees a good track record and the number 1 in the risk, she puts her money in and goes back home to play with her grandchildren.
I believe some people come to Darwinex to invest some money, they see a good track record, a good drawdown, a reliable and trustworthy company (Darwinex), with good reviews online, they decide to put part of their money there, as a risky investment.
If I think that my mom could potentially invest part of her money in something like GBV, it makes me sick.

In my opinion, investors should join Darwinex not because they have a degree in Finance and they are able to select darwins with their advanced tools. I believe that Darwinex should give the chance to ordinary people, doctors, plumbers, engineers, housewives, teachers and more, to invest with simple instruments, because I doubt that they will ever understand VaR, D-Leverage and Risk Manager, even reading it a million times.
Is Darwinex succeeding in this? Until I see GBV in the top 10 of the hall of fame, I think this is a huge failure.

I hope that my feedback will only serve to improve the service that Darwinex provides and no one will take it as a harsh comment or a personal offense.


The point is that DScore rates the trackrecord it is just like return and DD , the robustness of the trader/strategy often depends on the context of that trackrecord , external informations like descriptions, other darwins, the “trader layer”, that in this case is negative.

Being in the Hall Of Fame proves that you are able ot make money with Darwinex, you know how Darwinex works, being a true trader is much more difficult. :smiling_imp:


Thanks for your feedback, @FedericoSellitti.

I am sorry I did not make myself clear: GBV is not in the top 10 of our Hall of Fame, the trader who created GBV is because of the earnings he made in the past.

If you filter the Hall of Fame by DARWINS (NOT by traders), you’ll see that GBV is currently ranked 1459th in the Hall of Fame.

I hope the above clarification proves helpful!


they tried to do this with D-Score, but it didn’t work. Not sure it is possible to make Darwins simple investing.

in any case as humans, we would quickly get bored if it were so easy.


It is almost impossible to succeed even if you study everything for 1000 hours .
D-Score and the risk manager give some kind of protection but hey you are investing retail traders… it is a crowd of wannabe-Soroses betting on candlesticks! :smiley:

It is more like buying start-ups and penny stocks , not mutual funds.


Hi Ignacio,
ok, then it is my bad about that, sorry.

Still think that it’s not fair that GBV has less than 2 months on Darwinex and scores high in most of the filters and has a D-Score of 84.

Just my point of view.

I propose something without thinking that much about it, because I’m also trading right now.
This is how I would do:

  1. Migrated Darwins start from 0. I would insert a link in the page, something like: “this account has been migrated on xx/xx/xxxx”. If you click on it, you see past history. That’s it.
    No D-Score, no attributes, nothing. If they were making money with the previous broker, they will continue to do it with Darwinex and then they will attract investors and have the chance to win Darwinia with time.

  2. I would create something like a TD-Score (Trader D-Score), that would consider even what the traders do with other accounts (including closed ones). Then we will see if they still want to create 50 Darwins of $50 each anymore.

  3. I would do something to give more importance to traders’ equity, following the expression “put your money where your mouth is”. Again, we will see if they still want to create 50 Darwins of $50 each anymore.

As I started to write this post, my trade reversed. I better focus on my things :smile:


Very interesting but almost impossible to implement, people would begin to register new users with the ID of relatives, if they are not already doing it…:smiling_imp:

I changed my mind and I would agree with EX zero for migrations but it should be so also for local farmers, EX should start with the IPO of the darwin, no hindsight.

The point is that investors overestimate the significance of a trackrecord, future performance depends on the trader, and the Hall of Fame is a good place to study traders, and traders have to be studied manually case by case, not with filters.


this is how giant needlessly complicated bureaucracies develop lol

trying to protect the lazy, low information, greedy people from themselves when they are not looking to be protected

as long as migrated hero equity curves are around , people will buy them. accept it.


The best protection Darwinex has to offer is its complexity, in this way only doctors, engineers and chemists :wink: can risk their money while moms and plumbers stay with the post office stuff.


This is the hard reality but do not say it too loud or you will be burned by the believers of the starving poor trader fairy tale… :smiling_imp:
Money talks…


Eheh then they would need more than one ID. Also, good luck to tell my dad (who already pays tax for his job income) that now he needs to add this and pay tax on it, because the account has his name on it :rofl:
I think it’s not as easy as creating 50 Darwins on your own.

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There are grandparents… :wink:
Taxes are for honest people while trackrecord farmers and dream sellers don’t belong to the cathegory.
Not easy to run a big farm but always much easier than being a real robust trader with a long trackrecord.

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