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Stop loss question

Hi there im new, site looks great

I only trade with TP and SL, they are automatic and fully reliable right? i cant tell as of yet but i am testing on demo, but if im going to be investing i need full advise that its all safe. also i cant quite tell if i leave an investment for 6months if all that upwards trends profit is locked in or not? is it a trailing SL? e.g if i invest 1000£ with a SL of 10% , 6 months later im in total up 1500 and then theres a 11% drop, i presume it stops the trade and I take home 1400something , right? thanks I hope its not going to wait until it hits original 900£…

NO unfortunatelly. :slight_smile:

If you want you can trail it once per month doing some calculations with the quote.

thanks, thats okay, that just means i need to set TP and keep re setting TP’s right? im okay with that

Heya i am still new and i am struggling to find good deep information. that works for me.

struggling to find darwins i want to invest in. id love any advise, i have few questions.

i mean… ive searched all day.

some darwins are odd…

only found 2 or three i like .


one question is, ive just looked at GPNs information, and it says, max DD 7.92% but when i look and study the graph i find areas of much bigger drops in price, i must be mis understanding? i see peaks on that graph, where if one were to buy there, they would suffer a much bigger DD than then 7? thanks hope you can help

It is quite evident the you are new… :slight_smile:
I suggest you not to trust migrated stuff, results after migration are disappointing in 95% of times.
Realistic DD for darwins is 15-20%.

SKJ is a good darwin but do you know the meaning of -3% monthly divergence?

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thanks for helping

I dont know what migration means, I also dont know what that means. SKJ is may fave tbh

all i have formulately so far as a play is for example with SKJ to buy in, and set SL for 10% as SKJ is average 5%DD? and TP at 2% then every time it breaks 2% just reset, thats my current plan anyway

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Enjoy the reading! :wink:


I recommend to spend at least a month (at least, minimum! better if you can wait longer) of actively playing around on Demo.

I spent one month on demo on etoro 6 years ago, than I lost 2k :smile:
Now I recommend one year…

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I am down around 1k+ as well at the moment from investing on darwinex - though the process of losing has taught me much. I personally would not have learned those lessons had I lost demo money only. I suppose much also depends on the amount of previous knowledge/experience.

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