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Suggestion on Drawdown (since inception)

In my opinion I think you could improve Drawdown (to origin) if you could see for periods of time, that is, to see the maximum Drawdown that has had a Darwin in the last year, the last two years or the last 6 months , because for example NTI has a history of 6 years and a Drawdown of 20% but if that Drawdown had it the first year it is not the same as if it had it last year, and if it is not possible then at least the date that Drawdown occurred

Maximum drawdown is maximum without condition of time, the worst loss since inception. It is a good thing.

It misses a data even more important that maxDD: The Maximum Stagnation !!

Do you prefer a darwin with a max DD of -20% and a max Stagnation of 2 months


Do you prefer a darwin with a max DD of -10% and a max Stagnation of 2 years ?

The maximum stagnation is so easy to calculate. It is the number of days (weeks, months, years) between the last two high water mark or the prevuois and the current hwm.

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Max DD on different timeframes can be found using Return/risk sheet while the 2y timeframe is the default for all lists/rankings.

It is a good compromise between transparency and relevance.

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All that I know, thanks, but I said it to be able to see with a blow of view especially for those who start on the platform, but we do not have more importance, anyway the fewer doubts we have investors better I think

For example i colud think that drawdown happened 3 years ago is not so relevant but it is the same also for return.:slight_smile:

This is the reason why DScore is calculated on last 12 DPeriods.

All the necessery infos are there, it is up to investors to decide what is more relevant.

CavaliereVerde, this is a very valid post and I do implore on Darwiex to look at this suggestion. I have in mind to send this request after overhauling my strategy. There should be a way for Investors to filter on Draw down based on period. Please I don’t understand what you meant by Max draw down of time frame can be found using Return/Risk.

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But it is already so.
Create a custom filter with Drawdown and the filter has five lines:

If this is so, then Drawdown since inception shouldn’t be the default in the Darwin environment. I recommend it to be based on 1 year trading history. And you forgot to note that it’s not everybody that has expert knowledge of manipulating through Darwinex environnment.

Before suggesting something people has to verify if it isn’t already so.

I would be pleased to hide the 28% DD of my LSC that happened more than one year ago but it wouldn’t be fair.

The platform has to be good and complete for investors, not to show only what is pleasing and convenient for us.


No, it’s not to show what is pleasing, but the most effective way of evaluating a trader’s strategy. Otherwise, why would Darwinex allow Darwins which are yet to be profitable to win an allocation in Darwinia. If there’s no way for the Drawdown filter to be in the Darwinex environment then I highly recommend it to be based on 1 year history and it should be stated so.