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Summary of latest goings-on and guidelines for using the new Investor Dashboard

After a series of product releases over the past few weeks, we’d like to summarize the latest news of the Darwinex platform and offer guidelines for the use of the new Investor Dashboard.

Latest news

Guidelines for using the Investor Dashboard

The aim of the Investor Dashboard is to lead investors’ way in a universe of more than 3,000 DARWINs so that they can easily find the ones best suited to their investment profile.

The Dashboard can be best customized using Lists and Custom Filters. Remember that Lists provide a way to manually select DARWINs while with Custom Filters you can set up a dinamic selection. Once those selections are done, the best way to monitor your Lists and Custom Filters is through the Dashboard. For example, if you have a Custom Filter that filters DARWINs with good scores that are currently in a drawdown, the Dashboard can facilitate its analysis so you can pick the DARWIN in which to invest and the time when to invest in it.

Lists and Filters are shown on the Dashboard in the form of modules and users can customize how they want to view those modules. One the available views are overlapping curves which is a really powerful way to analyze DARWINs. We believe that the form of a curve has the potential to indicate when a trader has changed trading style. By the way, would you be interested in an article or video about why and how to analyze DARWIN curves?

What about new and “lazy” investors?

What will the Dashboard show to investors who enter for the first time and to “lazy” investors who do not customize it? This kind of user will find the dashboard modules predefined by Darwinex. For the time being these are based on the Predefined Filters.

Later on, Darwinex may decide to include specific DARWINs in these modules to facilitate that investors discover gems like YZZ, a DARWIN with a track record of 10 years, every one of them closed with a positive return, but still quite unnoticed by investors.

A tool in evolution

This new tool has the potential to grow and evolve a lot but for this, we need your feedback. Don’t hesitate to let us know how we could improve it.


Development on what we internally call “DARWIN Provider Portal” is in an advanced phase. This tool will give DARWIN managers more control of what the DARWIN does, enabling them to manage capacity, risk and understand investor behaviour.

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In essence, ditching the open market “exchange” talk for some handholding for investors. That’s really good. It was always going to happen soon.

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The dashboard seems to be powerful but at the moment I prefer to use the backtester to “combine” darwins.
With the backtester we can consisder divergence and fees.
Dashboard is limited to 10 darwins while the backtester combines 20.

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To do this you could invent different filters with better criterias like long total trackrecord and long native trackrecord.

Now lazy investors are left with return and DScore.

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Nah,just put YZZ in touch with ZVQ.He will teach him about Marketing.

Hello there, i’m coming with a suggestion to improve the Investors Dashboard and eventually the Return/Risk graphic.

It simply consists on adding a “Overall Quote” value (independent to the time frame zoom) next to the Current quote value shown (that is relative to the time frame).

This would help determine the Stop Loss and Take Profit values.