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Survey on rules for my demo index

During last year I run a demo porfolio with the following rules:

Ranking criterion : AUM
Number of darwins : 10
Rotation timeframe : 1 month

Now I want to ask for advice for a better or more representative index.

What is the best ranking criterion?

  • AUM
  • Investors

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What is the best number of darwins?

  • 10
  • 20

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What is the best rotation timeframe?

  • one month
  • one quarter

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I am curious, why are you asking advice to the crowd in order to make financial decisions? Why do you want advice of people that A/ have no idea or B/ are losing money?

If I’d need advice I’d only ask to investors that are actually making money, other people opinion should be less relevant than yours (or not relevant at all).

Also, if I’d ask someone (a successful investor) I wouldn’t limit the questions, and even less the answer options (I.E…10 or 20 darwins?..maybe the answer is 5 or 50). It looks like politic surveys, where the politicians only make the questions that give them the answers they are expecting.

My two cents.

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I am interested in the opinion of the other partecipants of this community.
I don’t want a revolution of the ruleset beacuse it is doing its job, I only want to tweak the parameters and I am undecided on the direcotion of the tweak.
Obviously I dont’ know who are the profitable investors but I am not interested in the votes of newcomers so the survey is limited to TL2 or higher.
I cannot limit the vote to investors, I don’t know who is an investor and who isn’t.
It is a opportunity to discuss and think about rules and results.

Users that think the index is a total bullshit or they have no idea they will not vote, simple… :smiley:

Obviously I think it is a mistake, a waste of time, so I already gave you mi opinion (my post).

Would you ask for medical opinion to your neighbor, would you ask for legal advice to your cousin, would you ask for financial investment advice to your bartender mate, just because these people are handy?
Anyway, it is your time and your money. Good luck
(please, don’t pay attention to what I am saying if you have time and money to waste).

Your most expensive advice is the free advice you receive from your financially struggling friends and relatives.”

— Robert T. Kiyosaki


Great suggestion thanx! :smiley:

I never asked financial advice to my friends and relatives and I never will!

That’s not nice.

But that’s what the survey was made for. Ask questions which answers can’t change your mind.

Answers like - profit / 5 / daily or a week - are not possible.

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I don’t think it is nice or not. I just say what I think with honesty. A sweet pill is not going to help. This world is full of hypocrites and I chose to be frank and clear than one of those.
But I never had the intention to disrespect anyone, if you felt that I am sorry (but my comment stand)

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I am asking for suggestions on precise alternatives that I am willing to consider.
I am not willing to manage a portfolio of 50 or 100 darwins thanx.

This kind of variations are something I was already thinking during this year of trackrecord.
I am taking advanteges from the experience of collegues to refine something that has a potential.

I created a survey not to end in an infinite serie of random suggestions, these tweaks are concrete and doable.

Dear @CavaliereVerde, I respect your position but I think the result would not bring more success to your portfolio.

  1. As I watched and analyzed my prior demo portfolios with 10 Darwins, 2 losers burn more than the eight winning and even Darwins could make. The challenge: find a rule for 5 out of the 10 of the selection result which eliminates these 2 losers.

  2. Define an exit rule for a stop of losses if this didn’t work perfectly.

  3. Think about an alternative for AuM and number of investors. This is the hardest one, but if investors investing in a portfolio are counted as investors of each Darwin of the portfolio, this criterion might become useless. I don’t know, but I am very curious how Darwinex will solve that when it is possible to invest in portfolios.

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I am not so dumb to believe it.
The success of this kind of portfolio depends mainly on the quality of the darwins and on the quality of the investors.
I think 99% of investors are losers so even a break-even portfolio like this one can be considered a success, so I want to stick to the main idea and eventuially explore a different tweak.
It can be also an inspiration to other investors to try a different combination or maybe even something completely different and compare the result with mine.

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Thanx to the voters but it would be nice to reach 15 or 20 votes

Thanx to the voters.

Starting from tomorrow these will be the new parameters:

Ranking criterion: Investors
Number of Darwins: 10
Rotation timeframe: 3 months