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Suspend a Darwin when it lost -10% in the month and to put back it at 1st day of the next month

That’s why, as an Exchange, Darwinex should suspend a Darwin when it lost -10% in the month and to put back it at 1st day of the next month.

All the Stock Exchanges in the world can suspend a stock from a company… Why Darwinex don’t? :man_shrugging:

And replicate 1:1 when the VaR is between 5%-15%.

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NO! The risk manager makes more sense for investors than a typical 1:1 copy for followers as done on other platforms.

Only in the couloir 5%-15% makes sense.

Thus, Real Traders could speak out and create Alpha.

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No! Real traders should start learning how Darwinex works.

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Real Traders are supposed understand well how Darwinex works… héhé :man_shrugging:

They need a corridor to explain their Alpha… That’s pure logical.

No again, sorry. If you need special conditions you might need special investors who need not to be here.

Darwinex is special, LPs are not good (bigger slippage between trigger price and execution price on the trading account than any divergence shown, you can easily find out with pending orders on a real account) and if you cannot take this challenge this might not be the best platform for your trading.

Old discussions…

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I hate to say it, but you finally have written something that make sense to me. I agree on that.

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