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"SXH Sentiment" - Live Portfolio

Hello all,

Here is the thread of the previously announced tool :

In order to understand the release of such tool, you need to understand our architecture.

Please, read the following details :

SXH Asset : Core System

Behind this asset, there is our core system. In IT lexicon, you could see it as our backbone.

As in IT field, this core system has the main and crucial role to interconnect our other systems.

As any cornerstone or foundation, we built it for reliability, consistency and resiliency purposes.

Core System as a DARWIN

You could wonder : “Why publish such core system as a DARWIN, instead of other (trading) systems ?”

Let us clarify it :

First of all, let us remind one of the main features of Darwinex : IP protection.

While the DARWIN ecosystem is already built in such way that trader’s IP is protected, we wanted to add an extra layer of IP protection by publishing our core system as a DARWIN.

Furthermore, we intend to show long-term commitment at Darwinex. One of the main steps is to build a thorough track record. For such goal, our best candidate is our core system, by its inherent activity.

We keep our other systems for confidential cherry-picking trades.

Tool : thoughts, topics, specifications, etc.

We thought a long time about the release of such tool.

It was difficult to find the right balance without disclosing confidential data. In the meantime, in parallel, we decided to publish our Manifesto « AaaS » . This was the key point to define the right tool for investors / the Darwinex community.

Indeed, as expressed within the Manifesto, we need to act much more than a mere asset provider, but also as an advisor.

To develop this tool, we focused our thoughts on what we’d like to get as investors / customers.

Nowadays, all services providers switched / evolved towards non-binding contracts / without commitments.

Well, that’s a great step, for many obvious reasons. Meanwhile, there’s still a lot of room to improve services.

As an example, without naming any specific provider, many people use VOD services that are subscribed monthly but « without commitments ». At first, subscribers strongly claim such « freedom » (« I can unsubscribe when I want ! »). Then, they realize, months later, that they were paying the service as any binding contract

Now, one kind of evolution would be if such providers had advisors telling you : « I suggest you to unsubscribe next month : there won’t be any new interesting media… » or « Wait next month to subscribe : our catalog will be renewed then ! » , etc.

After compiling and sorting all these thoughts, we defined the main guidelines of this tool.

"SXH Sentiment" : Live Portfolio & How to use it

As explained, the SXH asset relies on our core system acting as a cornerstone for our other systems cherry-picking.

We aim to give the best piece of advice to our investors. We don’t want lifetime funds from them. We want to help them to cherry-pick our own asset, for their own portfolio, the best way at the best time !

While there aren’t any official statistics about it, let us express the rule of thumb :

Markets range most of the time.

There are a lot of consequent impacts for investors : divergence, fees, invested funds, etc.

We consider that we should focus our efforts in helping our investors to get rid of such burden : we want their investments to be efficient.

For such goal, we decided to release an equivalent of the famous "Euwax Sentiment" :

In a certain way, we could say that our “SXH Sentiment” is to SXH what “Euwax Sentiment” is to DAX.

Investors need to consider that this tool is meant to advise on (very) few trades (SXH DARWIN buy/sell), per year, amongst several days/weeks periods.

Each time that we’ll consider it appropriate, according to our internal and daily analysis, we’ll publish, in this thread, around 18h (Frankfurt time zone), our recommendation to buy (or sell) our SXH asset.

If our investors decide to follow our advice, it is strongly recommended to operate on our asset (SHX DARWIN buy/sell) before the next day, at 9h (Frankfurt time zone).

The next time (remember, that it’s based on days/weeks periods) we’ll find it appropriate, we’ll publish here our first recommendation / Live Portfolio operation.

Have a nice day,



Disclaimer / Risk Warning : The value of your investments can go down as well as up, so you could get back less than you invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.


It is very interesting what you propose here. I will follow this thread with interest. I Wish you the best of luck in this.

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Thank you very much @ganarcondarwinex for your kind feedback :slight_smile: !

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Any plan for a diversified buy&hold portfolio?


It’s part of our ongoing thoughts :slight_smile:
We are progressively compounding the best move relatively to diversification.

It’s a real matter consideration in our list, as previously debated (“Time or Asset Diversification ?”) :

As we are meticulously building/planning it, we decided to start with this portfolio based on our own DARWIN.

We consider it an important move to show, at first, to investors, the knowledge we have about our own asset.

Don’t take this sentence wrong, what we are heading to is to bring fresh food for thought to current “mood” amongst (between ?) traders and investors at Darwinex.

You recently declared what is obviously an unquestionable point :

That’s the point we tend to challenge :slight_smile: !

Once again, don’t take wrong these words : consider it really as a challenge we give to ourselves.
We consider that we must try to show a bit of knowledge to investors instead of the traditional : "invest & wait !"

Yes, it’s very daring, but we are compelled to do it :slight_smile: .

Back to this thread :

We launched this tool one month ago and haven’t yet posted any action, because we are still monitoring and waiting for the opportune time :slight_smile: : that’s the knowledge we are referring to :slight_smile: .

The behavior of our SXH asset since the launch of this tool, confirms our patience :slight_smile: :

As it’s obvious, we can’t and don’t pretend to any specific result but really tend to bring a portfolio exploiting our own asset, the best way we can. And later, consider extra steps based on this first portfolio experience :slight_smile: !

Wait & See :slight_smile: .


I think you are surely able to trade your SXH and earn more than buy and hold, it wasn’t my point. :wink:

I am interested in the process of building diversified portfolios because I dont’ like the concept of trading darwins and and I am not willing to trade neither mine.

I prefer to talentscout for other traders with a different approach to diversify my trading and acheive a smoother growth.

I think investors come here to invest darwins not to trade them, the whole point is renting a strategy when you dont’ have one.
DARWIN has born to be investable not tradable.


OK, better understand your point/view.

Short feature missing for full-blown experience :smile: !

We hope that our ongoing and future developments/progress will give you some fresh insights :slight_smile: !

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Hello all,

Finally, we reached the point where we can start the use of this tool.

Reminder : as previously explained, this tool is intended to allow investors to get some perspectives and advices about investing in our asset $SXH. Later, according to the development of this tool and investors/community reactions, we plan to evolve it to an enhanced portfolio or another DARWIN.

So, let’s start the journey :slight_smile: !

DATE : 02 AUGUST 2019
TRADE : BUY SXH @ 109.04

Have a nice weekend,




DATE : 08 AUGUST 2019
TRADE : SELL SXH @ 104.13
P&L : -4.9%

Bad start during such hectic days / frantic markets :sweat_smile:

Let’s focus on next tool operation :slight_smile: .

Thank you.



Let’s retry it :slight_smile: !

DATE : 14 AUGUST 2019
TRADE : BUY SXH @ 107.17



DATE : 19 AUGUST 2019
TRADE : SELL SXH @ 107.79
P&L (YTD) : -4.65%

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Hello all,

Time to recover from red summer :sweat_smile: :

TRADE : BUY SXH @ 91.63




Prefer to exit, now.
Invalidated setup.

TRADE : SELL SXH @ 89.52
P&L (YTD) : -6.83%



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To your discharge, today was a difficult crazy day. The 1 minute wick on the Dax was killer, then the range bound volatility pretty tricky.

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Thanks @EvidenceAlpha, we appreciate such kind empathy :smile: !


TRADE : BUY SXH @ 86.30



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One day, volatility will be back :sweat_smile:

TRADE : SELL SXH @ 83.59
P&L (YTD) : -10.08%

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TRADE : BUY SXH @ 84.17




DATE : 04 OCTOBER 2019
TRADE : SELL SXH @ 87.87
P&L (YTD) : -6.73%