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Tasty softwares/hardware to enhance trading routine & encourage Darwinex content

Here is the thread to share / recommend / discover neat computer softwares (any OS: Windows/Linux/Mac/Android/iOS) that can potentially enhance your trading experience routine in various ways and/or help the Darwinex community to dispose of + offer more unique content over time

Below is the shared folder with internet shortcuts for all (& more) of the apps mentionned in the 2 sticky posts. They aim you at the direct download pages in order to retrieve the latest software versions available. This way, you can’t get lost online watching a Scarlett Johansson photoboth along the way. I’ve got your back.
Use this to quickly restore a system without a backup ISO (Macrium Reflect Home is good for this !)!wx4B1KrY!xnkDoMw0Szl5xFmVpNWwqg

Finally, here is our Community driven contribution list in details

Varied softwares

  • Brave (free) : next generation browser, Chromium based, pay-to-surf business model through Basic Attention Token (BAT) crypto-coin, 8x faster + private + secure, blocks ads and website trackers (that slow you down, cost money and invade privacy), Qwant anonymous search engine as default, cross-platform sharing (Windows / Mac / iOS / Android). Bye bye Google :wave:

  • Qwant (free) : search engine that respects your privacy and eases discovering & sharing via a social approach

  • OnTopReplica (free) : realtime replica of any part of window/program to be sliced away, then stay “on top” (in front) of other windows

  • MaxTo - Personal ($29 lifetime) : unique window manager (Windows 10 virtual desktops supported)

  • NetTime (free), SNTP (Simple Network Time Protocol) tool, secures your system clock to never deviate out of sync (Windows Time safety net) : the charts get the “perfect” session start after an overweekend or overnight suspension + non-timed based candles (like Range/Renko/Volume bars) share a similar proper anchorage, lastly helps not to be surprised by economic news released from incorrect time

  1. download
  2. settings
  1. Broadcaster : live broadcasting/streaming & recording production studio
  2. VCam : webcam integration above background video without a green screen
  1. Android
  2. iOS
  • RealVNC Connect Enterprise ($49 / year, per 1 computer) : like RDP but allows an unlimited number of people to connect to view or control keyboard+mouse at the same time (usually, RDP will be 1 or 2 max users depending on Windows versions and tweaking, except Windows Servers if you pay for expensive cal licences)
  1. Windows, server + client
  2. Android, viewer
  3. iOS, viewer
  • Telegram (free) : team communication + 1v1 encrypted text chats and audio calls
    Available for desktop Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS/Android
    Existing Darwinex channels-teams / announcements
  1. international (english speaking)
  2. spanish || ||
  3. french
  • Evaer - Professional ($29.95 lifetime) : Skype video/audio conferences recorder

  • Microsoft Office 365 - Business Premium ($150 / year)

  1. Teams : team communication app taking over Slack as we speak
  2. OneNote : advanced notes / ideas shaper
  3. Excel
  4. PowerPoint
  • Microsoft OneNote + Excel for mobiles (free)
  1. Android
  2. iOS
  • LibreOffice (free) : open-source office suite clone, practical to share documents with friends unequipped with Microsoft Office

  • Macro Scheduler Standard ($145 lifetime) : a better version of known automation softwares (AutoHitKey, AutoIT, Sikuli to name a few), does many things, check it out

  • Pluralinput (free) : get 2 independant mouse cursors concurrently on desktop. Plug 2 mouses to local computer and use 1 for each screen/monitor if you use 2+ (or left and right hands mouse if your brain follows :wink: ). To match to trackballs preferably (Logitech MX Egro Plus) instead of mouses because they will be fixed into space setting so you can switch between 2 side by side

  • EarTrumpet (free) : lets you control the volume levels of your opened programs independantly… (you could follow Bloomberg audio stream in the background and set MT4 sound alerts to be very louder in order not to miss them)

  • BatteryCare (free) : usage and performance optimizer for your laptop’s battery, approximates discharge time + improves autonomy and durability

  • MEGA (free-9.99 € / month) : online storage made simple, end-to-end encrypted cloud collaboration platform, free plan = 50GB store + 1GB bandwith every 6 hours

  • Foxit Reader (free) : PDF + ePub file readers for documents and eBooks

  • AppFalcon - Personal ($15-$24 lifetime) : detects-flags/removes CrApps (crappy apps) you never acknowledged to install on your system + clean program uninstaller + force removal + program versions checker (for latest) + alternative programs’ suggestions

  • IObit uninstaller (free) : clean program/toolbars/plugins uninstaller

  • Macrium Reflect - Home Edition (31.49-62.95 € / machine lifetime) : whole or part of system backup utility, disk imaging & cloning solution, ensuring ‘point in time’ data accuracy

Security softwares

  • Dashlane - Free / Premium (free-39.98 € / year) : password manager + auto-forms filler

  • ProtonMail + ProtonVPN - Plus bundle (115.2 € / year) : secured encrypted emails + custom domain emails + VPN with secure cores (backup protection if primary connection drops)

  • ReHIPS (free-48.28 € / year) : amazing piece of security soft. able to replace a full security-AntiVirus suite, offers custom HIPS rules + isolated environnements. Capable to launch programs in sandboxes to test and be safe (ok to run ransomware or viruses on them, no harm will be felt on the rest of the computer). Major update - minor bugs free - will be released around the summer. Paid version unneeded (unleashes 10+ isolated environnements). Best customer support ever

  • BitDefender Total Security (about 35 € / year for 5 cross-platform devices) : full security suite, including AntiVirus + Anti-Malware + Ransomware protection + anti-Network threats + Firewall + VPN, usually sells as multi-devices licence including Windows or Mac + iOS & Android phones/tablets

  • GlassWire - Pro ($50 lifetime) : connection and bandwith monitoring, warns about programs’ internet usage as well as intruder connections to your system. Could tell you if a pirate user watches over your shoulder on your VPS or laptop when using WiFi hotspots outside

  • HaveIBeenOwned? (free) : personal emails/passwords breach checker against known online data leaks

  • Google Authenticator (free) : only Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) TOTP mobile app you should use (avoid other ones tied to your mobile phone number, like Authy, with multi-devices sharing feature)

  1. Android
  2. iOS
  • VeraCrypt (free) : on-the-fly disk encryption, create a virtual encrypted disk within a file to mount/unmount as a disk, or encrypt a partition / storage device / Windows drive, ootionally hides an encrypted volume inside another volume, cross-platform

Purely trading softwares / tools / data

  • AmiBroker - Ultimate Pack Pro ($499 lifetime) :
  1. AmiBroker - powerful efficient backtester / forward-tester of trading ideas, technical analysis siftware. Affordable proprietary coding language to learn
  2. AFL Code Wizard : easy system code generator
  3. AmiQuote : universal quote downloader, supports most free stocks EOD data sources (Yahoo! Finance + , like Yahoo! Finance + BarChart + Tiingo + Quandl + Stooq) + some fundamentals (Yahoo) and intraday Forex (from FinAm)
  • Historical tick data (Forex+CFD+crypto) from Darwinex (official, free)
  1. FTP access request
  2. related thread : Download Darwinex's Historical Tick Data
  3. FileZilla : FTP client to make use of it
  4. 7-Zip : unarchiver for compressed files downloaded
  • Darwinex Ticks (API tool), by @Paduel (unofficial, free) : historical tick data download manager, requires FTP credentials from Darwinex & Python
  1. tool repositery
  2. related thread NEW Darwinex's Historical Tick Data API for Python
  • DARWINs data (equity and VaR) generated and maintained from API, by @yhlasx (unofficial, free) : .csv files for download then import into treatment software of your choice
  1. download
  2. related thread Advanced Darwin Filtering Tool
  • Advanced DARWINs filtering (API tool), by @yhlasx (unofficial, free) : self-explanatory, web app
  1. download
  2. related thread Advanced Darwin Filtering Tool
  • DARWINs portfolio + Buy & Sell rules backtesting tool, by @yhlasx (unofficial, free), self-explanatory, complex/advanced features, web app
  1. “The thing”
  2. related thread Portfolio + [Buy and Sell Rules] Backtesting Tool
  • Smart Darwinex analysis (API tool), by @QuantumLabs (unofficial, free) : portofolio analysis by modelization through various parameters + data export function of historical DARWINs equity to .csv
  1. description + video
  2. Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 : mandatory system upgrade
  3. download
  4. registration
  5. related thread Portfolio analysis
  • Portofolio simulator (API tool), by @naturalcapital (unofficial, free) : self explanatory, advanced investor’s testing options, web app

  • Portofolio optimization service (API tool), by @ManFromGlad (unofficial, free) : DARWINs’ allocation fine-tuning, target goal either “maximum Sharpe ratio” or “minimum variance”, web service

  1. web service
  2. instructions (including credentials) + related thread Portfolio Optimization service
  • MyFxBook (free), everyone knows it, strategy stats monitoring (& more)
  1. MT5 EA
  2. MT4 instructions

General softwares’ dependencies

Misc. trading / coding related programs

Hardware :

  • Hetzner, dedicated servers & cloud VPS (2.49-54 € / month) : best specifications for the buck for trading. Huge internet connection speeds and fine ping (east Germany)
  1. Servers, dedicated ressources (34-54 € / month + eventual initial setup fee)
    Intel CPU line
    AMD CPU line
  2. VPS, shared ressources (from 2.49 € / month under Linux, 4.90-8.90 € / month under Windows, plenty good for most live trading platforms w/o too heavy tasks like genetic backtests)

Misc (advertising / self-promotion)

  • Tweetdeckr (free) : Twitter client - revival of the famous Tweetdeck client which was bought millions by Twitter then discontinued

  • OVH domains (1-40 € / year) : some of the cheapest internet domain names to be found for your website / blog, optional DNS AnyCast (speedy webpages loading worlwide) available for 0.99 € / year (could be very slightly cheaper than UK site)

  • Infomaniak (5.75 € / month) : plenty of ressources for a few sites, 3 clicks WordPress install, servers in :switzerland:(outside “5 eyes jurisdictions), optional SSL certificate validated your registered business w/ warranty (5€ /2yrs), prices billed w/o VAT for customers residing outside :switzerland:

  • WordPress - Free/Personal/Premium (free - 8 € / month) : create/build a website or blog with ease - dozens of free, customizable, mobile-ready designs and themes, free support

  • Brackets (free) : modern text editor that makes it easy to design in the browser, crafted from the ground up for web designers and front-end developers

  • GTmetrix + pingdom (free-$199/mo) : website performance monitoring to improve end user-experience. GTmetrix is best for historical / comprehensive testing c advanced use whereas pingdom is best for location & general testing.

At the moment, this is the current tree organization (click to enlarge)



I would like to add this as well

Checks if your username passwords have been affected by past security breaches at other companies. If you are the kind of person that uses the same password across many services (I used to do this until it bit me in the rear, so I am not judging) check if your digital security might be at risk, you might be surprised.

Also, for those of you that want list of all Darwins with their Equity and VaR compiled into a CSV, HERE -> Though this data accurate roughly as of DEC 15, 2018

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You forgot the “time machine filter”


Still adding stuff :sweat_smile: (sweating !) thanks for the suggestions ! I am editing
When you share, you get in return. @CavaliereVerde just helped me discover another Darwinex tool (I missed some info while I was away for months) thanks.

Yeah, HaveIBeenOwned… I realised my old mails were compromised and that was the very start I research internet security extensively before crypto :wink:
This is scary, there are websites where you can mass download lists of email passwords of users from the different historical leaks.


Thank god the Community backbone aka Discourse is nothing but PHENOMENAL with its versions logger …otherwise I would have died from a nerves crisis already (mistakenly erased info many times)

I am not done yet, but will be by the end of the afternoon

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Allright, do I win a trophy ? :nerd_face: check back tomorrow morning for the final update :yum:


If I am not mistaken, you don’t have to “flush” your edits/updates, you can just close the tab mid edit, because it saves all of your changes in the editor, and you can resume at a later time when you reopen editing - and when you are done, you can “flush” all of your changes.

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Yes, totally. I *****d up shamelessly

[Moderator] Keep it clean :wink:

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Thanks @EvidenceAlpha for this great compilation :ok_hand: !

Oh and, by the way, here is your unlocked achievement :grin: :


I’m using a password manager for many years so I don’t care when a website gets hacked and user credentials are unearthed. For the websites I care most I use strong passwords, for those few websites I don’t care I just use 123098bgt


I also switched to a password manager provided by Google. Everywhere unimportant I also use hunter2 :wink:

It seems more tricky than I thought, and also why I was losing some text mysteriously over the subsequent edits.
For some reason, sometimes when I’ll resume editing, the writing caption will trigger a uncomplete past version, with text missing, like it doesn’t pull always my latest text. So not knowing about it, I end up erasing text by error when I later validate. I get a mix of backward version + update :upside_down_face:
I really don’t know why it happens and it really doesn’t sound logical like A+B. Algo traders will think I lost my mind making such claim :sweat_smile: but this my practical experience at many editions.

Anyway, NO problem, I’ll work it out :wink:

I will warn ya’ll when I am done because I’ll make it much more extensive and refined than it is now. :slight_smile:

While I’m a purist and always agreed with @EvidenceAlpha statement about Google Authenticator, I’ve been doing some tests recently with Authy. Would like to get some feedback of anyone having tested it, too.

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Authy is precisely not be used and I learned it the hard way from crypto hackings (not myself but acquaintances)

Yes, the UI + experience might be slightly better, but there is a big problem, it requires a registration to use. And the sync feature accross devices requires a phone number you provide at registration.

Storing your phone number on the internet (like on social networks) represents a huge security hole. Hackers take advantage of it. They’ll call your phone provider and insist claiming to be you and eventually manage to reset the account or number. They then can access your Authy codes and enter all your now unprotected websites & accounts… many crypto people have lost coin deposits from using Authy. I advise you against. For 2FA app, you need to keep it the most old school possible, and it is suggested that you keep the 2FA app on a dedicated device other than your main one, so that if you lose your phone/tablet, the thief won’t put his hands on the codes generator (especially, if you store your passwords with auto-form from the browser or OS, it can become nasty, they just have to visit your “favorites” and they will “enter in”)

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About websites security, purchasing a physical security key like a Yubikey is a must because it is more secured than GoogleAuth/Authy.
The truth is that GoogleAuth/Authy are not 100% safe proof. Because the way it works, it compares your time based code to a similar one stored server side. If the website used is compromised, aka the service / company is unprofessional about security (it happens often), the 2FA protection could be bypassed and ultimately broken.
Conclusion, using 2FA TOTP (time based) is a major step forward against using a single password, but it remains unperfect unfortunately…

However, if you use the FIDO U2F norm through a hard Yubikey device that you have to plug to your computer/phone/laptop, there is nothing stored server side and it requires a physical action on your side (the press of a button)
Consequently, FIDO U2F / Yubikey is the only 100% secured protection available nowadays. Unfortunately, too few websites are supporting it by default as the time we speak, but it is following an ascending slope.

Similarly, you could buy physicial Yubikey clones (other brands) which, instead of a USB cable connectivity, offers you a Bluetooth connection (Google will release 1 device like this). This is also advised against (potential security breach) because a Bluetooth connection could eventually be hijacked without you knowing. You better stick to good old wired USB, although if it keeps you in the past, not following the tech evolutions ! :slight_smile: Don’t play with security !

Yubikey stated that only NFC contacless keys are safe, and that they won’t market Bluetooth devices following Google footsteps. Myself, I would still stick to USB over NFC

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This is the very feature why you should not use Authy

Pirates manage to change your phone number and then you lose control.

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Thanks for the detailed feedback. To be honest, I was totally expecting such feedback :grin:.

I used Yubikey initially but it was still to be enhanced.

I can assure you that it always was the way I applied security :slight_smile: (ciphered files on one storage, keys on another ciphered storage, etc.). But, perhaps I’m getting older and wiser and wanted to dust off a bit my old-fashioned processes :joy: !

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I followed the same path. At first, Authy was very tempting as an upgrade to appear “the new kid around the block” :slight_smile: (getting older too ;)) I evetually downgraded from acquired knowledge

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Thanks for such honest statement :grin:, I’m quite relieved :joy: !

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