CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 66 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Tasty softwares/hardware to enhance trading routine & encourage Darwinex content

This has a name : neat mailbox management :grin: !

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@SECURIX you’re pushing it too far, playing the underdog now ?! Unexpected subject : you make me need to revise my “algo emailing” code to corner you into the abyss of the internet :japanese_ogre: :wink:

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See it positive : I push you to challenge yourself !

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See, this could be a training course for the rookie algo traders, survival in practice : “Challenge the boss : Lucien invader’s attack” :slightly_smiling_face:

enchanted bracket closed ! :joy::joy::joy:

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ListenOnRepeat is a free web service allowing to listen to an entire or a selected part (by setting start and end times on the fly) of a Youtube video in loop mode, endlessly
Also called a “YouTube Repeater”, it includes a built-in search engine w/ favorites

Lastly, you can share the custom LOR link, submitting your set loop directly to an aimed viewer

One of the many use of GlassWire can be read about here

In this case, monitor if some suspicious program is trying to capture your trading signals through internet while it’s not supposed to interact online

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Nice, I’m going to check it :ok_hand: !

I took note of close to 10 softwares/hardware that I want to introduce. I also have to keep up with your own suggestions (testing them out with some of you, not going too quick). It will take time but we’ll make it worthwhile eventually.

This looks promising! It is the same than Screenhero which was bought by and integrated to Slack but openly available. It allows to share a screen to take turns (switch user screens) and work on a same environnement with multiple mouse cursors acting in collaboration. Think of Google or MS Office Online but acting on the full desktop space
Similarly to and unlike Teamviewer, it can be used not only through the dedicated program but also from a web browser without an installation of file

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Nice!! @EvidenceAlpha
Thanks for sharing, again!

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They just went out of beta

For those who enjoy to work outside in the sun… be it in your garden, balcomy or into the grand wilderness !

Professional sun/wind/dust shield for laptop

Portable battery with solar panel that folds

MiFi domino to receive airwave internet into the wilderness. Multi-devices hub (do not buy anymore LTE devices, only WiFi = savings) + creates local WiFi network

You can add external portable antennas to amplify the 3G/4G signal if too weak

Tested. Gotten after extensive research. A score

Make this scenery your next (green) desktop where to trade

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Interesting new breed of forums ! It spans opinions on a ruler from positive to neutral to negative with shades

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I’m constantly updating the MEGA online storage with new suggestions of softwares, because I’m doing this backup job for myself first and foremost. I just haven’t found time to describe what are some of the newer inputs yet

Regarding Microsoft Office, be it 365 / 2019 / 2016, or even Windows, one can buy cheap licences for a bargain on eBay. Focus on european resellers at one of the european domains (like eBay UK).
Under the right circumstances, it appears lawful to sell & purchase second hand digital licensed software as guided by the EU justice court…
Likely, this ruling shall extend to the trading of trading platform or addons’ licences, even when the publisher discourages you against from a special licence agreement

If 365 is chosen, in practice, just do not use the cloud storage like OneDrive and SharePoint, that is avoid backing up and sharing files online (in the rare event the access would be taken over by desactivation or the general administrator changing the pw). Instead, download and use the Office suite locally from the official links and you should do perfectly fine.

Some MS options’ tweaks!sxQzmCwb!s_9NDCZrmU3L8sDqz3bZig

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Surveillance like the LA police car troops. This is actually a smart move. Wish I had done that early in my “carreer”, given the number of blatant manipulations after gains, sometimes technical failures I suffered at many brokers over the years. This will comment much more the dirt than the clean look of a market replay feature.

Never imagined such…“use” :laughing: !

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Here is a trade copier the DIY way :slight_smile: A simple automation script to pass simultaneous mouse clicks (as much as you wish) over different parts of the screen
At least, some inspiration to build on. It can be improved with a reset (of the locked spots) function, changing keyboard keys, associating these keys as a macro for your mouse/trackball

Here, it works with the AutoIT free software, but you can find similar scripts for the AutoHotKey also, or create your own…

It will be even more efficient than a real trade copier, because it allows to copy ANY broker / platforms and cross any instrument classes (futures, CFDs), to link together, without limitations.

Not properly simultaneous cause the mouse clicks are trigerred in a sequence, yet almost lag free, like 10ms, so as if…
At least, it’s optimal for discrenationnary traders more than algo ones. Oh and it’s free.

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It reminds me old times :slight_smile:
When such manual solution was the simpler one compared to to-be-developed complex solutions :sweat_smile:
But it also reminds me some stressful situations, when duplicated mouse clicks weren’t operational due to… pop-up window that appeared, meanwhile, in foreground :joy: !


Haha. Indeed it needs some setup to freeze, then hold your breath and stop moving :slight_smile:

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Some hardware novelties around the corner

New laptop design trend ?

Portable touchscreen monitor

Beware, at crowdfunding stage (although they released the Duo model succesfully)

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