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TDD -- TwentyEight

Disclaimer: This topic does not constitute investment advice and should not be considered as such.

The main reason for starting this thread is to give investors and people thinking of investing direct access for any concerns or questions they may have. Feel free to fire away.


Welcome to the forum @TwentyEight! A pleasure to say hello to you here. Also a good occasion to link to the TDD interview we did last November based on questions by the community.


Hey Bianka…I thought it was time to open up and invite some discussion/questions. I have a good number of investors now and I want them all to know that they can reach out to me anytime…


Welcome to community and congratulations for your great performance of your darwin TDD


Solid work @TwentyEight.
Found more information about your Darwin and yourself through the interview page.
Wish you the best! :+1:

Kind regards


Thanks for taking the time to reply Skyfield. I forgot to mention the interview so happy you found it…

Many thx Ipphbti…I hope to engage in some interesting dialogue with everyone…

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Totally deserved. You seem to have found a genuine edge against the market, very well done :clap:


Thanks Federico…you wouldn’t think so by looking at this months stats!! Been an exceptionally difficult month for me so far but yes on the whole I’m doing well…I made a very small change to my strat back in the middle of October and it is working very well…I still have a lot of work to do on the mental side of things but I’m improving as a trader all the time…However I know I cannot take anything for granted…I must keep up with the hard work, not get lazy and stay friends with my new buddy, PATIENCE:-))


‘Patience’ is the skill that I now most value having had none of it previously!

I think as traders/managers we all have a missing skill. The breakthrough is identifying it, admitting it and then adjusting for it. In my case, it took me many years and it was really only the change in the ESMA rule, to disallow such high leverage, which taught me how to behave.

Rome was not built in a day and neither is any Darwin manager’s career!


Agree 100% StokesBay…The ESMA ruling has probably helped a lot of traders…Well at least slowed them from blowing up accounts!!!
The biggest hurdle that I overcame was excepting I was wrong, stop moving my stop loss and just move on…My patience has also improved a lot but now I know what I’m looking for in a trade so this also helps a lot…I’m really working on the mental/psychological side of trading right now…I know it will be an ongoing process but I love the challenge that it offers…Thanks for joining the convo and good luck taming the demons:-))


Update? What’s happened in the last two weeks

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Hey there Phynicle…Thx for the question. I intended to write a post tomorrow just to keep investors and interested parties in general up to date…In a nut shell things are very choppy and erratic at the moment…This started to happen in April and I was actually in a great position at the beginning of that month but some terrible trading on my behalf for the week 20th-24th undone all the good work…I was happy with last weeks trading and started to see some good possibilities appear for this week and indeed I got some great entries again but unfortunately the US dollar/Euro are still very undecided and I was stopped out of several trades which I obviously thought had great potential…

So what do I do from here?

I will now cut my risk back and be extremely patient and I will switch to a more intra-day style of trading which means I will start taking profits earlier…Not sure if you have read my interview but this has historically been my nemesis when it comes to trading but I have been and continue to keep working very hard to over come this…

I hope this gives you some good insight into what is going on at the moment…Please feel free to keep prodding me for updates but I think I will start doing them at the end of every month regardless of what happens…



Just a quick update. As you can see I am finding these current market conditions incredibly difficult. News out of Europe yesterday caused the huge reversal against my positions. My entries have been text book but the levels that I use to trade against are simply not holding as they would under normal conditions. I have one position open at the moment but will now further decrease my risk. It’s at times like this where I have to be exceptionally careful so I will be treading very carefully until I start to see things settle down. We all have to be patient and realise that we are living through something that hasn’t been seen for many many years. My job at the moment is to protect capital and not force trades so I cannot say when we will start to see my equity curve start to rise again. It’s unfortunate but there are big things in play worldwide at the moment.

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What is happening here?

ridiculously hard trading conditions Phynicle. I don’t remember ever experiencing conditions like this. Did you not read the post I made yesterday. I know a lot of traders lost big when this happened but they also take more risk than I do. I/we just have to be very patient. I shall be taking very small risks now until I see clearly that conditions are favourable again so as I said yesterday I have no idea when my equity curve will start to rise again. You can clearly see my results from the last 2+ years and since I made the small change to my strategy back in October/November I am doing nothing “wrong”. In fact my entries have been excellent the past 2-3 weeks. I am not panicking and rushing into positions, I am not feeling any pressure this is just a case of things not working right now which will happen to every strategy that has ever been created at some stage. The only thing I can do right now is manage my risk which is what I am doing and in turn this may mean it could be a while for things to turn around. This is my full time “job” “business” so I take it very very seriously and I will not take silly risks just to get money back quickly. You investors also have a very difficult job and I can understand how so many can cut and run from a strategy because that is the only control you have and as such I completely understand this. I will keep everyone updated as much as I see necessary over the coming weeks.


Yeh I did read yesterday, unfortunately my posts are moderated and they get posted a day or two late


Hi TwentyEight! It’s been rough times for us trend-followers/swing traders alike. I have found myself in a same situation as you, since we probably have a similar strategy. The price action as of late is, as you have said, erratic and there really is no other solution but to lower your risk and/or frequency of trading until things settle down (god knows whenever that will be).

Keep up the good work!

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Same here. Doing good with the account on Darwinex, but doing bad with my Swing Trading account outside Darwinex.
Strong trends and movements in March and lots of retracements and ranges in April/May.
Not easy to trade in this period. If you use indicators (like I do), it can be even worse, since they are affected by two very different market conditions (March vs April/May).
Keep calm and continue with your good work. We are here for the long period.


Just a quick update and apologies for not responding to @naturalis and @FedericoSellitti. Conditions continue to be incredibly frustrating so just have to keep being patient. The huge whipsawing moves in the $US back in March have caused the biggest problem for my strategy. This currency is still extended on a weekly time frame and has looked like it would become further extended many times over the past couple of months but it keeps bouncing back as you can see by the moves seen in my Darwin. Anyway the main thing, as I said, is to stay patient. It’s these types of testing times that determine the successful traders from the not so successful so I continue to be extra cautious for now.