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Technical Visualisations - GRID tool via Darwin API

Some of you might recall the Portfolio Optimization tool I released for Darwins a couple years back. I’ve recently added Darwins to my GRID tool. This can be found at the same webpage:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Solutions… GRID Monitor menu item
  3. Log in as with password: special
  • Start by clicking on the Education [?] icon on the left below that ticker object.
  • Scroll down in the markets listing to find Darwinex and click on the View button.

Some might argue that using Technical Analysis on Darwins is a bit of a stretch. Especially since the Darwin API does not offer a “volume” equivalent and several of the GRID boxes use volume in their formulae.

It is very early days but here is my performance report on a system that holds top GRID score Darwins, stopping out with dynamic trailing stops. Just for fun in these difficult times.


Hey @ManFromGlad,

This is a most exceptional effort using the DARWIN API - kudos and congratulations! :clap:

Would you be open to a casual interview / conversation directly with me regarding your R&D effort?

I think the entire Darwinex as well as external trading/investing community would benefit from hearing about your process and thinking :slightly_smiling_face:

Imagine a call of the likes of this one (held between myself and @juancolonbo):

We’d be really grateful if you were keen on doing one like this about your R&D effort :muscle:

And if I can personally contribute any ideas / feedback that could help you, please feel free to ask.


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