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The New Formula of the D-Score

Hello all!

As you know, we are always evolving and improving.

Today, I am glad to announce a new modification in one of our core concepts, the D-Score!

Please, visit our Blog Post in order to know more about it.

What do you think traders and investors about it??


cool, some changes are always good :slight_smile:
But so far as i can tell my Darwin has better score now, but others gained more. Anyway i cant change that :stuck_out_tongue:

One problem in my opinion is that Dscore is much higher at a momement with a nice Pf, but most Darwins tend to mean revert so basicly the chance of future performance actually increase if a robust Darwin has a DD within healthy parameters. This is why 80+ Dscore Porfolios are worse then 65+ because you would always buy high and sell low :slight_smile:

Edit: Maybe you should add a new Attribute… Mean Reversion Tendency and using this to actually find the difference between a good and a bad DD and not to punish all DD’s


You are right, with previous DScore often darwins >80 were just migrated and so likely tweaked/overfitted , with a typical inception on a low and publication on an high. :joy:

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right now the only way to avoid a drop of Dscore during a “normal” DD is by outperforming the 10000 monkeys by far, so you have some room to breath … best example THA, still very good Pf even with the recent DD.

I don’t know if i should like that, give us an API with acess to historical scores and i will test it :stuck_out_tongue: @miguelrDarwinex

LOL I love it.

Maybe one day Darwinex must stop changing the rules .

What about to make the same thing with soccer championship?

Maybe we can ask Google why they change their algorithm 500-600 times/year too… with occasional major updates as well.

Unless there’s a really good reason (read: improvement) to do so…

Just saying. Food for thought eh… :thumbsup:



First is not the same thing; Google doesn’t give me un evaluation, just make things more easy for me.

Second comparing darwinex with google is a little bit pretentius.

This is a great thread to understand algorithms and when updates are warranted:

Highly recommended texts in there worth everyone’s time :thumbsup:


Not everybody has a degree in mathematics at Princeton.

What interest me is only the result.

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This is what you think …


Yes you’re right but I don’t care about it, so does anybody.
Ask traders at darwinex if they care about darwinex notes.

Does/can/should the change also affect the DarwinIA Rating Score?

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Of course, it is already so but a reliable picture will be tomorrow.

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@DAIICHI, you should start doing wiser comments, Yours are always negative and they don´t add anything to the community.

I am a critical person because I pursue the best, but I use to propone ideas -some are good, maybe others aren´t- but my goal is always to improve the present if I can.

It is always better to look at the mirror of the greatest (I.E. Google) and try to bring good ideas and practices from them, than doing it from losers, don´t you think so?

So, come on man, bring some positive ideas on the table. I´ll be the first to support them if it makes our trader conditions better.


I am just curious, how do you know that?

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Hi @miguelrDarwinex,
what a great step in right direction, (of course my personal opinion).
congratulations to all team,


Ddo you really think DarwinIA looks better tonight? :slight_smile:

The calculation of rating is right, but it was right already yesterday.
The positive effects of new DScore will adjust the stacking allocations, the effect will be complete in 6 months.

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Is it faith or fact?

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It is my conclusions based on observations of 2 years of contests.
Why? Have you noticed something wrong ?