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[The Zorro Project] Configuration, Backtesting, Simulation and Live Trading at Darwinex

Hi, I am an algo trader new to Darwinex.

I have coded my strategy with Zorro and trading live with Oanda through their API.

The main benefit are speed of execution and the huge amount of data that could be downloaded from their server directly into the zorro platform for training and testing.

I decided to give a try to Darwinex so I have set up the Mt4, connected to Zorro through the appropriate plugin and tried to download data from the Darwinex demo server. Unfortunately I discovered that only data from 2018 could be downloaded, while I need data at least from 2011.
I can use the data downloaded from Oanda, but its weird to me that Darwinex that is “at the side of the traders” does not have a better solution. I am sure there is a solution available.

Is there anybody that have found similar issues? Any Zorro’s user that is trading on Darwinex? It seems that while most of the data available are GMT based Darwin Mt4 uses GMT+2, how did you deal with this?

Sorry for the many questions raised, and I thanks in advance everybody that will support me.



There is no long term data from darwinex, sadly. Either you look for other similar data (ECN, low spread) or you just keep using Oanda for generating trade signals and copy it to Darwinex. So you wont have to adapt anything at all.

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wow, no data available?!
Yes, copying signals could be a solution, not my favorite, but it is what it is…
Thank you for your reply

Darwinex did not exist in 2011, so you can not get Darwinex data from that year.
Maybe somebody from the staff can help with data of an LP.

Confirm that your MT4 settings and chart settings allow to download the maximum number of bars.

Anyway, if your trading robot is robust it should not matter the source of your data. You can download many trading symbols from Zorro website for backtesting. Furthermore, you will need to perform a forward test on demo using Darwinex to validate your robot for at least 3 months.


Thank you. Any idea how to get in touch with them?

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Thank you, I will check the “maximum number of bars” can you estimate it?
I have checked the differences because I am running a forward test and trade are not the same and not opened at the same bar. very complicate investigate this.

If they don’t read here, you could login to the platform and use the chat button in the right bottom corner.

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the number is 2,147,483,647 (the largest 32bit integer)

Just enter as follows


Tried your method but it does not work or, better its not what I would like: I have increased the 2 parameters you have indicated. Some data have been download but some asset as listed has a veriy short story. On top of that downloading the data from the plugin does not allow me to get data older than 2018. Stuck in the same mud…
Thank you anyway

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Did you re-start your MT4 after making those changes to the max bars settings? -It needs one to apply those settings.

Yes, of course, Ciao

Hi @MatPed!

Something strange here, if checked myself and it’s working fine.

Usually historical data issues are solved with the following steps:

  1. Close all chart windows
  2. Go to Tools>Historical Center
  3. Remove every history record for each asset and timeframe
  4. Restart MetaTrader 4
  5. Open again a chart window

If not working for you, please try resinstalling (including “delete all personal data” option).

Lastly, you can drop us an email to so we can check your case.

Picture attached


Thank you, I will try. Anyway I was not able to download through the zorro’ plugin for the eur/usd and data where available on the chart from 2007.

Keep you posted

Tried your procedure step by step. No change. Just to be clear I am connected to a demo server

It should work either on Demo and Live (tested both).

Please, send us an email to so we can check further.

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@MatPed , if you have not used MT4 before, it sucks in many ways. Histories is just one of the flaws of MT4.
As someone already told you, Darwinex didn’t exist in 2011.
But there’s more to that: originally, Darwinex used UTC timezone for MT4. A few years ago, maybe in 2016, Darwinex changed its timezone for MT4, answering to a request of some users, in order to get 5 daily candles per week, and not 6, with one of them incomplete.

And another thing: With MT4, you are not downloading the full history from the broker you are connected to. The broker stores some of the histories, like -I’m not sure right now- 3 months, and the rest of the histories you request are downloaded from other servers… MetaQuotes, for instance.

The thing is: with MT4 you are can not be sure of the consistency and credibility of the histories. IF you are not using MT4, and you are using Zorro, then my suggestion is DON’T USE MT4 histories. Download them from other platforms, and download them in real time from Darwinex (storing histories in CSV for instance), and backtest with those other histories, and after you have stored sufficient histories from Darwinex “live” check if your expectations from your backtest match the results you are getting from Darwinex.

I don’t know if this suggestions fit to your needs, or if other traders using Zorro do it this way or not… But this is my preferred mehod

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Well, it is as it is, unfortunately MT4 is the standard. I would prefer to back-test my strategies with DWN data, but I understood, it is nor possible.
Thank you for your precious comments. Ciao

Hi All,
Finally I gave up trying to download trading data from Darwinex. Without a modern API can not be done :frowning:

Now I am struggling, trying to simulate a Darwinex Account with Zorro. Once again I have downloaded the assets costs structure from Mt4 in the usual Zorro’s way and the data downloaded are totally different from the one displayed on the web site ( I can not upload a csv file (why?), but the AssetsList file seems totally wrong. No commissions listed, huge rollover costs,…
Is there any Zorro’s trader that can help me? In Zorro’s language I need to build up an AssetFix.csv coherent with the Darwinex trading costs structure.

By the why, never thought that to switch Broker could be so difficult…

Thank You in advance