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"TITAN" real portfolio of Rafwin Sistemas

Hi all

Put my four real wallets in a laboratory.
Remove the best from them and put it in the test tube.
Catch the good ideas of the community. Put it in a second test tube.
Recombine the test tubes in their multiple variants.
Work for months with different results.
Work for months to optimize results.

This is the way the “TITAN” portfolio is born



Don’t know how much it matters but Darwin JMC is Titan Trader. He has been trading as such since 2015.

BTW, thanks for sharing so much here. I’m a relatively new Investor at Darwinex and LOTS to learn!



Some requirements
Fundamental. Experience 10.
Minimum two years of native TR in Darwinex.
Equity of the minimum trader 2000. Next year raise this requirement to 3000.


Premiere of TITAN

The incoming darwins are.

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TITAN and its current correlation

Some details of the correlation of “TITAN”

Global image and correlation index

see that the DD max of the portfolio is less than the DD max of a darwin

Zoom DD

more Zoom DD

Details DD

look in each of the DD marked on the rectangles, the direction of each of the darwins.
Simply great

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To be fair there is a light correlation between KVL and EZN , and it makes sense because EZN is contrarian on h4 and KVL is contrarian on h1 .
Nothing worrisome by the way. :slight_smile:

Let’s filter the noise.
View of DD in the wallet and individual view of darwins

Right in the last period, not marked we agree
Maybe you are trading EURUSD?:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I am trading EURUSD with some weight.
unfortunately very close to skipping SL

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It is more a short term correlation, it will happen that they will move in a similar way for some days.
Months and quarters are different and longterm matters.

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What I like most is that DD is not added

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Do you plan to add other darwins to the portfolio?

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but few are passing the demands.
Only 19 on the list, and 12 if I adjust.
Between 8 and 10 will surely enter

over time it may increase, having new darwins that meet the requirements

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You already know my management, not only enter darwins, go adding steps to the same darwins

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One of the reasons to be more selective

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As we know one month is just noise.
The main point is that the portfolio is still under construction.
You are waiting good entries but for now you have 2 contrarians and one trendfollower.
If it were up to me I would consider ZXW and UYZ but in my opinion you already know it. :wink:

A very accurate opinion.
Both pass my filter and I have them in favorites.
As mentioned, the portfolio is under construction, and it is a long-term project (years)
It’s the closest thing to a background using darwins.
Progressively, more darwins will be incorporated, and more capital will be added to the selected darwin.

PD. you already have a second income. The third can arrive for two reasons.

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I currently have 22 darwins in favorites.
only 14 pass the filter.

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No hurry and a lot of patience.
is the key in this world of trading

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@CavaliereVerde How can I contact you in private?

I will write to the email you are using for this user, the one at gmail .