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To learn Zorro or to learn Pine?


I am going to learn to build my own automated algorithms.

Not being a programmer or particularly competent with computers, I am considering whether to learn for Zorro or for Trading View. My closest experience (20 years ago) was learning HTML and building a website or two, coding by hand.

If you have some experience of either or both the Pine script and the Zorro lite-C, I would very much appreciate your advice. I do not want to bite more than I can chew, nor do I want do be under-ambitious.

For example, I am now trying to find out if either of them would allow me to code for changes in stop levels on the fly, i.e. not just setting a stop, possibly a trailing stop, and leaving it there as entered, but modifying it along the way according to changes in market conditions such as volatility, momentum, volume, and so on.

Many thanks.

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I would go with Zorro .
I have a decent experience with it and no experience with Pine .
I am not updated about Pine but 3 years ago my impression was that it was not possible to trade with it.
Pine is easy but also lite-C .
Everyone speaks about giving support to TradingView but we have to deal with reality not with promisses.
Zorro has a mt4/5 bridge so you can use it today with Darwinex and every other metatrader broker.

I suggest you to read the following discussions.
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Thanks very much CavaliereVerde for your helpful reply and the links, which I found useful.

I have since made a start with Pine and the learning curve has been manageable. At a later stage I might have to convert to Lite-C, but for now it seems likely I’ll be able to do most of the essential work on Tradingview, without having to put together an infrastructure for Zorro or learn MQL5.

So, the main reason I am starting off with Pine is to be able to focus as much as possible on the logical design of the strategy.

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