CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 66 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Top 20 AUM monitoring

Other considerations:
Investors aren’t making money since months, even backtests are sideways in q3 :wink:
If we select LAST MONTH among 20 darwins 14 are in red.
Some bigs like VTJ and DLF broke out at -20% or worse.

Unfortunatelly the capital relased by DWC and DWF hasn’t grown on normal darwins.


That’s great.

It would be more useful to have investors side of view.

Even worse today:16 among 20 in red.

Waiting the detalied war bullettin by @GAlbano76


@CavaliereVerde calls…

tracking continue… (1th November)

Total Investors, 6758 (was 6825 , -67) in 452 darwins (was 459)
Capital, 20.075.461$ ( was 21.346.229$) -6%
Average Capital for Investor: 2970$ (was 3127$)

Top 20 investors: 4228 (4147–> there was an error in the previous report 4132)
Top 20 capital: 13.656.962$ (14.311.172$—> there was an error in the previous report 14.075.563$)
Average Capital for Investor: 3230$ (3451$ --> there was an error in the previous report 3406$)

Top 30 capital: 14.994.771$ (15.985.782$ --> there was an error in the previous report 15.856.858$)
Number of DW with AUM over 100K= 31 (41)

So… still in DD with AUM… and also the performance of the TOP20… we need solid performance…


It’s all about performance.
So how is forcing traders to put up more capital going to encourage better performance?
This is the point I am still considering.
I just don’t understand. I think it’s more about Bottom Line profits for Darwinex.
If they can’t get profits from investors, trading volume, performance fees, then they will try to squeeze profits (commissions) from traders. This is purely objective point of view.

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The problem is that the highest returns are from SYO SCS and TMB that weren’t on Darwinex one year ago.
Also OVL wasn’t here one year ago and has a big slice of its return before the migration.
If someone had built a top20aum portfolio one year ago rotating it once per month I don’t think he had made money so far.


So what gives?
These guys are supposed to be professionals?
I just don’t get it.
There is no reason to lose money after a whole year??!!
One down month or maybe two but not after a whole year. I would fire a trader from my investment bank / hedge fund if his performance sucks that much.
These jobs for traders are super competitive!!
If you want to find the good ones, you can.
You shouldn’t need to invest in a “TOP - 20” Portfolio. This just dilutes picking a winner.
If you want DIVERSIFICATION, 3 to 5 should be enough.

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Since you’re already a DARWIN Provider, if you happen to know some good traders, please do invite them to Darwinex via the Scouting Program.

At the time of writing, you get 10% of gross commissions generated by investors in each of the invited trader’s DARWINs (up to a maximum of $10k per DARWIN).

Another possible income stream for you - food for thought :thumbsup:


You might want to read this thread:

Every monkey can create a grid trading system and produce astonishing balance curves without a single negative month. However, most of them - if not all - fail after a couple of weeks, months and some only after years. And if they fail, they fail hard. Account blown, game over.

Now you might say this doesn’t matter because you had the possibility to withdraw a multiple of your deposits until then. Problem is the investor doesn’t know when it’s gonna crash. Many might not have the opportunity to withdraw and will lose everything. It’s like a Ponzi scheme that works for a while but you never know when it’s too late to exit :wink:

Saying things like in forex profit is a given and everyone with a couple of negative months is incompetent tells me a lot. You are either the worlds greatest trader or another showoff that promises max drawdowns (unsustainable) and just vanishes once he blows the account. Time will tell. Things you say about diversification and picking a winner makes me assume the later though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Among 2000 darwins there should be 1% of winners ? Or I am too optimisic?
Hindsight is always easy, easy to pick the best of 2018 at the end of 2018.

To prove to be a smart darwin picker you should run a portfolio for at least 6 months.


Somebody should write a post/blog post about random walks, inefficiencies in markets that sets them apart from random walks, sample sizes and confidence intervals and consequent time needed for darwin behavior convergence to expected inefficiency exploitation - all while making it digestible for the average reader so that investors get their expectations aligned with reality, and understand their greatest pitfalls when interacting with chaos and uncertainty.

@integracore2 I believe you can do the topic justice, given that you are a data scientist iirc. Maybe think about it when you got the time?


Thank you for the fantastic suggestion @yhlasx, much appreciated :slight_smile:

Indeed, it appears necessary - putting it on my todo list right away :thumbsup:

p.s. Another idea I was musing over today after reading the developments on this thread, was about the underlying mathematics of diversification and martingale/grid strategies - I believe that appears necessary too :wink:


If I can’t get investors then any of my trading colleagues will have an even more difficult road to getting investors.
It’s not really enough of an incentive for me to put time into it.
Possible that a trading friend “could” endure long enough and learn everything they need to learn.
Possible that this trader could migrate to Darwinex and continue their good returns.
Possible that the average $3000 investment in their new DARWIN would generate commissions.
But all of those “possibles” are not worth my time and the “opportunity cost” of building my own business, compounding my capital, and making my own life work better.

I tell my brokers that many people have the wrong definition of HUMILITY.

Humility is many things.

It’s knowing where I truly get my edge, letting people know about it without demeaning others and without truly being conceited or puffed up.
It’s knowing that I belong to a community.
It’s serving others who God wants me to love.
It’s being able to admit when I have failed, and to do it constructively.
It’s being able to say sorry and ask for forgiveness.
And finally it is acknowledging my dependence on and submission to God as my Master, Savior, Creator, and Father.

So I stand by what I have said.
I have lasted 2 years now thru at least 8 periods of drawdown and have continued to hit new equity highs.
If my strategy (which is what I like to call Grid Lite) was going to fail (like you mention) it would have already happened. I have much better Open Strategy and Risk Management now than I did in 2017.

Withdraw profits after large gains and on a regular basis.
I never make excuses for poor performance. I get busy learning and improving and I have been very transparent during those periods of Drawdown, so much so that subscribers and followers of my system at SimpleTrader/Forex have noticed how communicative I have been during uncertain periods.

Here’s where people here at Darwinex just don’t understand.
Why would I invest in other strategies right now when my strategy is hotter than an American setting a thermostat in Europe?
I’ve compounded my capital in my own trading accounts much better than any DARWIN could achieve here.
I keep a very detailed database of running statistics on all my equities and key performance indicators about how much income I am generating and where. And just in last 6 months my trading capital has more than doubled.
I don’t want to run a portfolio of DARWIN providers I do not know and have not studied when what I have going on is very promising and I am still an active trader.
When I want to take a step back from trading and I have made millions and I have had time to get to know other strategies, then that would be the time to build a portfolio of which you speak.

I’m not sure to understand your point here. Your darwin BUX has had a stagnation of around one year (which is ok for me, but then I don’t know why do you blame others when the same happen to them)


Because they have 100’s of investors and they have a responsibility to provide returns to their investors with millions of AuM.
My system’s drawdown period was 6-7 months before I made a new equity high, and that happened from Month 7 to Month 13 after inception of this strategy, which is still very early in the progression and development and perfection.
The return of the underlying strategy is quite a bit higher, too, than the way this strategy migrated over to Darwinex in July 2018. This makes a big difference too.
My 218 followers outside of Darwinex had received well over 200% before the 6 month period of sideways equity chart, before breaking to new highs in June 2018.
The DARWIN version of the migrated data did not express the gains nearly as much as it expressed the losses. Which I have no idea why it happens.

2017 return (partial year) – 33.9%

2018 return (up to Nov) – 18.5%

2017 return Underlying Strategy (for PAMM clients and trade copiers) – 325%

2018 return Underlying Strategy (for PAMM clients and trade copiers) – 66%

Your returns thus far have been excellent! I would like to suggest though that you don’t shout so much. I think most of us can read normal print okay. :slight_smile:



Yea maybe I’m getting too old, but the print / font that is displayed on Darwinex website / forum is very small in my mind.
So I choose to make important points LARGER just so those over 45 years old (the ones usually with more to invest) will be sure to see and not struggle with something as simple as font size.:joy:


You made the point. :joy: