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Trackrecord farming

No, in that you are right. It is your poor performance. But you should listen more and write less…I dislike your insulting comments of other traders, not your 15.000$.

Many people think differently like you or me, but I don’t make fun of them just because that. Somebody risking 10.000$ with a high VAR deserve way more respect than you with a low VAR. He is risking his money, you are risking more your investors money. Anyway, you can do whatever you want, except criticize other colleagues just because they are different than you. You are wrong again.


I am so critic of people different from me that I am trusting 20 with my money.
I do not respect who is not respecting investors.

Your rhetoric doesn’t work with me, you only invest on traders who follow your same principles and rules, and I don’t care where you put your money (obviously your criteria doesn’t work neither as investor or as a trader, but you don’t change…and your results don’t improve. Somebody who expect different results doing always the same shouldn’t talk too much about others…:wink:, but you look like are the kind of person who thinks it is always right. One think I can assure you, you will never success trading, and the only reason is that you are not humble, you are not willing to learn. I have seen you since 2016…and I will see the same in the next years…time is my friend).

You don’t respect investors at all trading the same loser strategy for years, you are fooling your investors with green attributes, and you don’t realize the only green should be the Performance, the one you have always on red.
Atributtes mean nothing, realize that. Performance is everything, and it is the only attribute investors want. Awake, and stop fooling your investors with a losing trading (that only works in a determine kind of market)…

And my last comment to you on this thread is respect investors and traders, listen more and criticize less.

Most retail trader lose money this is a fact. I don’t understand Why people making fun of high risk trading when darwinex normalizes the risk at 10% var.

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This is evident :smile:
At some point you started to desagree with me always, recently you like to mention my bad trading results but it was the same even when my results were good…
Now tell me what my trading results have to do with this discussion?
My or your results have nothing to do with this.
The goal of this discussion is to warn investors from potential pitfalls.
When I write a bad revew of a darwin I bring evidence to support my opinions.
Here I speak as investor, everyone can desagree but other evidences are needed.

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@CavaliereVerde @Forexintradiadarwin
Your Darwin are off topic here, as they don’t look like the product of migrations or trackrecord farming, even if they might be comparable, but not investable at the moment. No reason to start an unwanted challenge and there is no reason to attack each other.

What @Muiris pointed out is a very correct result of jhis research and in line with the title, even if someone does not like how he did it. And it looks like @Reidar1932 did not understand fully what I had written - at least between the lines. Maybe that is a problem of the multinativelingual community here which currently has a high risk to kill itself.

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Can you explain in your own words how this @Muiris comment is a result of his research and in line with the title?
He wrote: “4yrs of perfect discipline premigration. then wham. really makes you think :joy::joy::joy:

In first place his statement is false. Check his behavior before the migration, he always risked much. And worse, at the end he (@Muiris finishes laughing at him, that’s wonderful, right? I think this trader has enough worries having loss his own money, because remember high VAR is riskier for the trader. The investors of this darwins knew his trading is risky because it always was, and they still invested, nothing wrong on the trader side here, nothing at all.

I agree with that, however every time I read a disrespectful or derogatory comment about any trader without other reason that disliking his trading strategy, I’ll comment accordingly.

It is not about risk but about style and behaviour, mainly number of open trades, look to the last native part on trading journal.

Again it is not a matter of risk but of seriousness, do you think investors of FSK are happy that the trader withdraw all the money to trade it on a new migrated darwin?


This trader always has been risky before migration. Look at it. High risk is more risky for himself, and he has skin on the table, so I don’t think he is fooling anyone. I don’t know if he will make profit or not, but I can say he is not risking his own money at first, so nothing wrong with him.

I FSK or any darwin do that I am the first to say that it is wrong, very wrong. But don’t mix things.

I see a very big difference


It is the same style of trading, the only difference is the amount of trades. I can understand a new darwin get confused and shock by the VAR effect, also I understand a darwin who trade more (if the trading is the same) to recover. I can agree or disagree with that, but I won’t make fun of it, neither I can say it is not serious, and less when the trader is risking his own money at upfront.

He made profit on VMZ before migration, even if it was a cent account:

What @CavaliereVerde pointed out is that he changed to the same trading style as he had to crash FSK to end here with the trading account:

There is a saying that calls it schizophrenic if someone does the same thing again and expects a different result than first time.

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In relation to the suggestion to stop accepting migrations (which was the suggestion formulated in the first post), at the current time Darwinex’s position is the one published in September 2018. Nothing essential has changed since then.

Some excerpts:

Suspicions cause lively debate… possibly because there’s no 100% failsafe approach to definitely prove / rule out theft / forgery. Further, beyond the first checks, validation costs increase exponentially but barely add certainty.

Which begs the question – where to draw the line? Should we either:

  1. Discontinue migrations – depriving traders, investors and Darwinex of their pluses, or
  2. Support migrations – incurring the risks and the validation burden.

Our stance on this one is to continue to support migrations, providing investors with transparency & choice. Investors, not Darwinex, should ultimately make up their mind on whether / when to trust a track record.


Before discussing what checks Darwinex could or should deploy, please bear in mind:

  1. Our reputation is on the line , and “our” means not just Darwinex, but everyone who’s got something at stake in the concept doing well.

  2. We flag migrated accounts , disclosing the date before trades are with Darwinex.

  3. Darwinex certifies every live trade after migration – only live accounts traded with Darwinex broker are eligible for DARWIN listing,

The key to settling debate is to acknowledge that beyond some efficient checking, nothing beats common sense and patience:

  • If it looks too good to be true, it may not be true . With thousands of DARWINs out there, something standing head and shoulders above track records with 5 years history might be either fake or unsustainable (and possibly both).
  • If someone stole somebody else’s EA / track-record , etc. and it’s that good, eventually whoever actually owns it will find out.
  • Whoever managed to fake yesterday’s track record , will still need to beat the market tomorrow . Faking the past is tough – faking the future is impossible.


Thereafter, the choice is EVERY investor’s:

  • WAIT for x seconds / days / weeks / years / decades before investing, or even,
  • Don’t invest in migrated DARWINs, period.

Take your time – the choice is YOURS.

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