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Trader vs. Manager vs. Investor - which one are you?

In this episode od #darwinex-uncut , we describe the key differences between Traders and Managers - and why it’s crucial for individuals to be able to identify themselves as one or the other.

Managers are Traders, but Traders are not Managers.

This literally make all the difference between managing proprietary vs. proprietary and 3rd party capital investments.

Key points in the video for your convenience:

01:59 - What is the difference between a Trader and a Manager?
05:29 - What do Traders do differently that doesn’t make them Managers?
06:09 - What makes Managers different to Traders then?
07:59 - What is Darwinex looking for, Traders, Managers or both?
09:14 - Darwinex is for Alphas: Traders who already are or aspire to be, Managers.
09:57 - What do Managers need to be Managers and not just Traders?
10:21 - What is the difference between an Investor and a Manager?
10:50 - What Darwinex IS and what it ISN’T (very important to understand this)
12:03 - Who Darwinex is NOT for?

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This video is the continuation of the above. It’s the turn of the investor vs. portfolio manager debate when it comes to DARWIN assets.


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