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Trader's Equity Should Factor into Overall Point Scoring & DARWINIA

We are not there yet.
And because the Top 20 DARWINs have not performed well recently, Darwinex is feeling the pinch thru not getting enough new investments and not enough performance fee revenue.
But WE, the underdogs, the ones who are working hard to provide better alternatives, are the answer here, not the ones who should be carrying an extra burden.


I think this is what will happen and which is why most of the well funded traders are not bothered or adding to the conversation (interestingly, many of them built their trading equity with the present Darwinia format). The top Darwins will remain top (even with very average or even overall poor performances) while the smaller relatively unknown and sometimes more profitable Darwins will remain in the background for as long as the trader can cope with the discouraging environment.

The “Investor environment” was already hostile enough to smaller/upcoming Darwins. Adding the Equity bias worsens the situation. It also tells traders that are being encouraged to sign up to Darwinex that they shouldn’t bother if they don’t have everything in place already, which means a 2 year track record, a 70-80 D-score and $5,000- 10,000 in equity… All upper barriers that Darwinex was supposed to remove for them.


Now it’s crystal clear to me.

I noted Top 20 invested DARWINs
I noted Top 20 earning traders / DARWIN providers

There’s hardly a trader in the top 20 in earning who has Top 20 in number of investors.
This means the top invested DARWINs are not performing.

The wheels are falling off in this case.
The investor capital has run dry because the money managers who are well known and well liked are not performing.
Plain and Simple.
And now the plebians at the bottom of the tiered hierarchy must pay for their incompetence.


My position is not so extreme as yours but there is some truth in what you say.
Darwinex’ AUM is stagnating since 6 months because investors arent’ making money.

There are many reasons behind this change.
Darwinia is a cost and they can pay if they grow.


With the exception of you and a maybe three to five others, how many people are actually putting the Darwinia winnings to good use? The Nominal allocation only becomes a cost for Darwinex if the trader is profitable after the 6 months. Unless I dont understand this perfectly.

The near failure of the Top 20 invested this year should have meant looking for ways to make it easier to attract more unknown traders to offer some variation instead of making it harder for them to join or be noticed. The sheer belief that one can get Darwinia winning is enough to bring over these smaller but good traders even if they dont have the D-score etc required yet, the dreaming is enough for them.

They didn’t have to change anything tbh. I don’t see how this will improve anything. Traders that can afford more capital will add more deposits. Those that can’t, will ignore this change and still take whatever Darwinia gives them. Those that are not able to challenge for Darwinia yet, will wait until they can challenge before making any bigger deposits.

The focus IMO, should be on ensuring better returns for the Investors who have struggled this year (looking at the returns of the Top 20 invested this year). Which, interestingly, should be about encouraging smaller unknown traders performing well not alienating them.


Dear @OutsideTheBoxHK,

I appreciate your comments but I honestly don’t get your point.

You are running several accounts with several thousand USD on different brokers but blaming Darwinex for not willing to allocate more than 30k to your 1k account. Wouldn’t it be easier for you to increase your Darwinex equity to 2k or 3k to increase your potential Darwinia prizes? We do offer better trading conditions than most of the brokers you are trading with.

I understand there are other people that may complain because they can’t afford to trade more than 1k but since you are running 8 accounts with +1k in each account, trading more than 1k in your Darwinex account is definitely not an issue for you.

I appreciate your feedback and I do hope you are as vehement in Axitrader’s, Hotforex’s, Halifax’s forums as you are here, asking them for Darwinia prizes, FCA regulation, free tick data, 500k GBP free insurance, asset management coverage… not to mention the trading conditions you get with Darwinex :wink:

Keep up the great trading, it is great to see that BUX is about to cash in a Darwinia prize this month!

Trade safe,

PS: 16 out of the 20 DARWINS with more investors’ capital yielded positive returns this year. DWC is one of the 4 top invested DARWINS in red this year, so 3 out of 19 with negative returns.


Colourful description of your fellow traders I must say… I’ve been called many things, but incompetent is not one of them (seeing as you’ve taken a shot at the Top 20 hall of fame guys for no reason other than to vent).

I and others are always all ears for everyone’s opinions.

But when you indirectly refer to the likes of the following individuals as ‘incompetent’ during possibly the most difficult conditions in terms of market volatility in a long time:


… and newer traders who are working on their track records as ‘plebians at the bottom’, you are isolating yourself in an argument for which you are otherwise presenting a strong stance (which is a good thing).

My suggestion would be to take it down a notch, and stick to the argument, not unnecessary and unfortunate name-calling.

Venting is healthy, name-calling isn’t - keep presenting your points as you are, take shots where you need to, but keep it civil :slight_smile:

Everyone: let’s keep the debate clean - please.

Thank you.



Yes I agree with you.
Keep discourse temperate and without abuse.
I did not single any one system out. I was referring to the UNDER-performance of the top DARWINs. And not just ( @ignacio ) whether they were positive or negative for the year. Positive gains in Forex Trading should be a given. But I guess not. That’s astounding.
Anyway, I usually endorse calling a spade a spade and just get on with life. I am here to compete, plain an simple. Yes, I will be fair, but when investors are making the wrong decisions in my book I will speak up.
I also will speak up when I think Darwinex is not staying true to their ethos and to the promises they made previously and that helped other traders gather more Assets to Manage and earnings and investors.
I hear many illogical arguments being stated here.
Adding capital to my account WILL NOT make me perform better. And if an investor will only invest in my strategy if I deposit $2000 more dollars - whaaa??
I put my capital in the brokerage that incentivizes me - plain and simple. I am a trader with a business mind.
I want the best return on my capital. And I do this for my investors too.

Those with less capital who manage it well and have PERCENTAGE gains monthly that are mirrored by their investors are SMART and WISE. I don’t really want to be NICE for nicety’s sake. Yes I like nice people.
I think Darwinex could have accomplished their stated goal in a better way that didn’t alienate a big portion of those who are trying to build up in the same way that the Top 20 DARWIN providers built up over the last year given BETTER conditions for Darwinia.


Thank you for the promotion of my other strategies.
I have $1300 equity at Darwinex, and have kept it that way so that I could gauge what kind of clients / allocations I can get here first and whether things proceed fairly.
In the end all that really matters is getting access to capital to manage as quickly as possible.
And other brokers achieved that within one month. And now 1 year later I have $150,000 AuM at one and $120,000 at another.
My system performs better outside of Risk Adjusted Returns, so my returns are better with brokerages that do not Risk Adjust the risk management I choose on my underlying strategy. This month 8.3% with my clients outside and 6.6% at Darwinex (and made double the trades on my Darwinex account just to make up the shortfall / it’s underperformance)
The risk adjustment serves investors (they think) but it does dampen returns many times.


Thanks for your swift and detailed reply, @OutsideTheBoxHK.

I am glad to hear you are performing well elsewhere, too, keep it up!

150k AuM and 120k AuM in a year is pretty good, congrats. Other traders like SYO or THA have made 10 times that AuM in a year with us, so I hope in a year’s time you are a happy Darwinex trader with more than 150k AuM here :wink:

Let’s see what effect the Darwinia decision produces and, of course, we are all ears to alternatives you guys are suggesting.

Keep up the great trading everyone!


Hello, @ignacio. Can you please tell me if all the old grants from November 5 will be cut if i don’t have enough deposit?

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Thanks for your message, @Reidar1932.

Just to be clear: EVERYONE is entitled to prizes, no matter the size of your account. Even if you had only 100 USD in your account, you would receive a prize.

As per old allocations, those remain unaffected.

I hope this helps!



sorry, I did not want to say it so clear but there is no other way.
When the podcast talks about the institutional client does not enter because the accounts are small, it is lacking to the truth. Anyone who knows institutional clients will know that they will never allocate capital to CFDS, regardless of the money you support. But do not read that 73% lose month to month. We want to consider an asset that really is like a formula one and say that anyone can travel. And it is not like that . CFDs have a lot of disadvantages that we accept because we are retailers, never someone with large resources will accept because they do not need that risk anymore. Asking me to increase my capital in cfds and doing so would not be a good trader, and I struggle to learn to be one. But the one that starts will be able to leave you alone with pocket money to live. If Darwinia lowers capital it is because Darwinia does not work, it does not generate profit and if it does not generate it (it is because some of those who receive it lose … but if we want investors to go and put their money) it sounds a bit incoherent . and all this is a fact

Darwinia works, its goal is not to generate profit but to generate traders.

As @JJENSLOPFAM pointed out the former rules are generating too many peanut traders.
Sometime beacuse they lack money but more often they have it elsewhere or they fear spot forex because it is dangerous!! (big bullshit…)


Remember! Darwinex told us this “made what you can do, trader, and you do not occupy moreover.”
Ok, Darwin is created, his VAR is with most stable, etc.
After months to see years, Darwin has experience (Ex 10/10) and a D-score (>60, see 70) able to titillate darwinIA prices.
And well not, you arrive after the profiteurs (not their fault, they just arrived earlier) which gained prices with D-score 50 to less see (little competition) years 2015-2016 but especially you arrive at worst the moment: concept of trade capital entering in consideration.
One told me several times of simply trader because it is our Darwins who is important and its D-score.
Now is it necessary that I deal with my capital? But in what that does it look at you ? At the beginning you authorize openings of accounts of 200 balls! Is it you who have to found this and now it is necessary to be occupied some like a defect?
Reflect well! @juancolonbo
Kind regards
Uxxar, a poor trader with native account since 2 years, who appreciate Darwinex, yes yes ! hihi.

Nota: Upscale Equity was not in the contract: Trade as you can trade and you will be rewarded.
Now if i changed my Equity, i will change my stability, my negative loss aversion, my consistency (stop loss) cause the negative return per trade will be too high upto -4% per trade and it is inappropriate. I make the choice to pilot a darwin, not my smallest account. I can not change this. Sorry for $FAX, $FYN and $UAF !!

Walk the talk?

Trading at Darwinex is not just a game to beat DScore…

No, it’s not. Again, just in case it is not clear enough: there is no min. account size to earn DarwinIa prizes.

You are more than welcome to keep trading your 45 USD account and you will receive prizes up to 30 times your account size.

If you do not trust your own system… why should we?


Euh ! Is it your strategy or the darwin who have invested ?
Credibility is the good scores in Rs and Pf !

Credibility is something much more complex than Rs and Pf
What is the worth of your strategy for you ?
Equity is the score that the trader gives to his trading.

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Come on, @TheCheetah, let’s be rigorous.

You have started over 50 USD accounts several times and the results so far are not looking very promising.

The likes of UEI or KVL kept their accounts despite their negative returns at the beginning precisely because they cared about their own funds they were managing.

I reckon people do not like the new Darwinia rules because you get out what you put into it.

You trade 50 USD? A 1500 USD prize is more than enough then!


A darwin has not need capital to live ! Investors, darwinia prices or not, a darwin will live.
I do not demand to trust in my strategy but in the darwin. For this, Darwinex shows metrics and the D-score + 12 IAs.
If i do not trust in my system, this last does not show since two years and 750 trades (Trade frequency
1.66 per day). Now the darwin had a 10/10 Ex, your 12 D-period.
Trade peanuts or trade 100k$ proper fund, it is not the question, before !!
MERITOCRATY !! Forget ! Piouu, crash.

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