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Trader's Equity Should Factor into Overall Point Scoring & DARWINIA

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Simple, a trader with 5000 will be encouraged to concentrate money and quality in one darwin instead of ten.
We have ~30 new darwins every week, investors need quality not quantity.


Well this is all a gamble.
They want professional investors right? Like with millions to invest.
The average investment is $3000, which is severely lacking.
I’ve seen how much you’ve made so far in performance fees, and honestly I make that much in Trade Copying in 1.5 or 2 months.
It’s a long journey, but I don’t know if this model is going to really break out to the next level.

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2 years ago the averge investment was 500 , now it is higher because the quality of darwins is higher.
So, this is what we need, higher quality.


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Hi everyone,

I hope you had a nice weekend. Just a quick FYI, if you click the “i” button in the DarwinIA section you will see the new prize structure and the relevant multipliers.

Also, when you are logged in and check your status on the leaderboard, you’ll be able to see your potential prize in terms of equity, the relevant multiplying factor and the min. equity needed to aspire to the max. prize given your current position.

May I thank everyone for the feedback provided, we will study the implementation of some of the measures suggested as we agree there is always room for improvement!

Trade safe,


I can’t find the right picture.

That’s nice to see! 500.000€/month more in allocation and twelve more darwin that will win at least 30.000€ (with as low as 2000€ of equity).
Need to see a change also in this direction: good job!


Hello. Could you tell me, will the fixed minimum equity remain at the beginning of each month? In other words, I wanted to increase my deposit by November 5, but I did not have time, I was fixed at 2000$, but if I increase my deposit during the month, this will not be considered in the current month? It may be worthwhile to think about this issue, although they will probably use this and withdraw funds after receiving the grants. Hmm…

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You are perfectly right, this is the reason I was asking more time to comply.


Try Update Web Page with your browser.

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The minimum during the month…


Hello Darwinex Community,

Just my 2 cents. Trading is a pure mental game. If trader is managing 1000 $, have to behave the completely same way to manage 10M. Is this what happen ? well not at all. In my humble opinion the major difficulty is “traders” look at $ instead of %. The other very important aspect is the two ambiguous sentiments that trader fight all the time - greed and fear. So is the trader´s equity an important factor ? yes and no. Is more important to ask - Trader have the ability to manage large amounts with same behavior ? Here in my opinion is the key.

Happy Trading,


The prerequisite of being able to manage other people’s money is to be able and willing to manage yours.


completely agree @CavaliereVerde and here is a good human example that reflects what we are saying :

People hate losing money, more than they enjoy making money - This is called loss aversion or Prospect Theory (psychologist Dr. Daniel Kahneman won a Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics for his work on this subject). The theory boils down to a single basic concept:

The perceived pain derived from a loss, hurts significantly more than the perceived pleasure derived from an equivalent gain.

So putting it in relevant context, earning € 1000 doesn’t create nearly as much joy as the pain created by losing € 1000. For most, this emotion is just natural human nature and interestingly enough is even evident in other species.

It’s ironic but because of this emotional imbalance, investors are more inclined to avoid risk in a “gain scenario”, while in a “loss scenario” we are more inclined to seek it out. This amplified pain as a result of losing money significantly influences investors and INHIBITS the ability to make reasonable investment decisions or commit to investment plans. This is perhaps one of the most important factors to understand when designing an investment strategy for investors.

Happy Trading,


I agree. On my side I feel less pleasure when I win 10 000 bucks that the pain I feel when I win only 1000 (as I expected 10 000). :sunglasses:


In the past I was quite critical of the change in Darwinia … But I also recognize when an effort is made to harmonize a situation. Therefore the fact that the contest stretches up to 60 positions for me is a very appropriate line of action and it is appreciated … I am not naive and I know that if I give more prizes more people are willing to raise their capital account , more chances of getting more commissions …
But I give myself at a particular level satisfied … A peach tree will always give peaches no matter how much we want pears …
A greeting.


Let me try to fight this internally (for everyone) and I will revert to you!


Right and some of us have funded Numerous Asset Management accounts set up elsewhere with many clients, followers, and Assets under Management, so just because we have 1000 to 2000 EUR in Darwinex underlying strategy account DOES NOT mean:

  1. We are not serious FX traders
  2. We are not focusing as much attention on our Darwinex investors / returns
  3. We will not be able to manage a large fund in the same way we provided services for smaller funds following our strategy (this attribute of trading is included in D Score – Capacity)

Capacity is the capacity of the strategy, has nothing to do with psychological endurance of the trader.

It makes sense to put eggs in different baskets but at some point you have to make a choice.
If you get serious with Darwinex, Darwinex gets seriuos with you and trusts you with a serious allocation.