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Trading documentaries / films

Not necessarily fiction oriented, more describing the reality of our time. Naturally, it may cover more algorithmic ground than the Trader legends you admire thread. Your call!

Floored (2009, duration = 1h07)

Synopsis : A documentary film about the people and business of the Chicago trading floors. The film focuses specifically on several Chicago floor traders who have been impacted by the electronic trading revolution and whose jobs have been threatened by the use of computers in the trading world.

The Wall Street code (2013, duration = 0h50)

Synopsis : A thrilling documentary about a genius algorythm builder who dared to stand up against Wall Street. Haim Bodek, aka The Algo Arms Dealer

Money and speed: inside the Black Box (2011, duration = 0h50)

Synopsis : A thriller based on actual events that takes you to the heart of our automated financial world. Based on interviews with those directly involved and data visualizations up to the millisecond, it reconstructs the fastest and deepest stock market plunge ever


Wall Street Code is a great one :slight_smile: !

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Thanks for sharing! :+1: @EvidenceAlpha


A tad off-topic, ‘cause covering “””physical”” (not derivates) Bitcoin/cryptocurrencies for once.
I am submitting this documentary because it is nonetheless very entertaining and captivating. To note, there is a “behind the scenes” plot of a “trading robot” which may have accelerated the losses of clients’ deposits of this ex-leading dominant exchange. You shall have a good time. It remains perfectly finance related

Bitcoin Big Bang - the unlikely epic of Mark Karpeles (2018, duration = 1h44)

Synopsis : When 850 000 bitcoins -half a billion dollars- disappear from Mt. Gox in Tokyo, its unconventional CEO, Mark Karpelès, is arrested. After a year, he’s finally released for lack of evidence. Mark Karpelès is now free and breaks its silence.


Wall Street Warriors


Kinda confused : I remembered that Season 3 never has been released officially but I see a lot of “Season 3” episodes online : fake or merely freely distributed afterwards :sweat_smile: ??

Oh, by the way, you remembered me that some Warriors aren’t it no more :sweat_smile: :

I have no idea :slight_smile:

yeah, it’s trading industry ((

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I remember seeing it hundreds of years ago!

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Psychology of Pro FX Traders Documentary

Trading Psychology and Probability Trading - Mark Douglas


Quants - The Alchemists of Wall Street - VPRO documentary


Wall Street Warriors (2006-2009, duration = 3 seasons / 26 episodes of 20-30 minutes )

Synopsis : _documentary and reality TV series that details the lives of various Wall Street entrepreneur_s


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Laetitia the forex trader was an actress hired on Craigslist
Guy de Chimay later got busted for RUNNING A PONZI SCHEME

he just plead guilty to four felony counts including grand larceny, scheming to defraud and forgery.
That whole story he gave about turning $2 million into $100 million for close friends and investors was total BS!

This is why Investimonials and Profitly are so important to this truly screwed up industry that will bust these criminals BEFORE they get on TV.


Too ugly :joy::joy::joy: !!!

"Trader" : The documentary about Paul Tudor Jones, released after the 1987 crash :

PTJ himself always tried to keep this documentary off the internet.

Some details about this documentary :

Here’s a good one I watched recently: