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Trading Podcasts


I really enjoy listening to podcasts, and am wondering if anybody knows of a really good podcast for traders who are learning to trade?

Some of these are quite good:


Hi @ThePwner, has a top-notch interviewer (it also covers discretionary trading concepts). is a good, novice-oriented podcast.

Of course, you can always google “best trading podcasts” and try some of those too… every one of them is going to teach you something you don’t know.

Don’t get too overwhelmed! :boom: :grimacing:


Check out…

Some podcasts are good but it is a bit like trying to become a surgeon listening to podcasts.

I agree with most of the ones already shared above, especially Chat with Traders.

But I also see value in those listed below.
Remember some are Equities Trading, but some of the same principles apply to forex tading, for example number 1 and 2 below.;

SMB Capital

Cameron Fous Trading

No Nonsense Forex videos and Podcast

The Trading Channel

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That’s a joke right?

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Please take an honest look at everything he offers including IKNK Traders and

There is some really good stuff about Mental Toughness, Entrepreneurship, Balanced Life / Healthy Life, Having a spontaneous and heart-geared inspired life, Real life issues while trading, and most recently a focus on using social media as a powerful business tool.
I understand you want to imply that this is just fluff or Alpha Male “get rich quick” stuff, but he has shown a real journey over the last 3 to 4 years that I believe is good to see as it progresses and makes certain realizations.

I am not denying that this guy is a great business man and a top notch marketer but when it comes to actual trading content he is offering literaly nothing of value. But to each his own.

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Chat With Traders is good stuff but you dont’ learn to trade with videos or podcasts.
Motivation and endurance are needed in every profession and business but before you need a method.
The starting point are books.

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Again, I wouldn’t be so quick to make judgments before you’ve checked his whole chronology out.

He scratched his way to the top, dropping out of college, after also being quite a deadbeat, and he did it by a strategy he eventually called FOUS4.
And now this part of the company is managed by Mike Spinosa who runs a PAID Day Traders Room which would be the traditional “just make money” from trading part of the business. I see great stability and wisdom though in securing a side of trading that has alternate sources of fixed income, so that we can work on things other than just “watching trades develop slowly on our screens”, get out in the real world, connect with people, and have other passions to work on other than just pure cash from trading or trading other people’s money.


Multimedia content is more entertaining than books but the problem is that 99% of this stuff is useless.
Everyone can make a video to explain candlestick patterns, it is like to explain how planes can fly without being a pilot.

Nononsense forex make me smile a bit… :slight_smile:

I mean his crusade against classical indicators.
It is easy to destroy something and prove that it doesn’t work.

If indicators worked alone with default parameters there would be no need for algorithmic trading.

Many indicators are very similar and I think everyone can work with the right filter and the right exit strategy.


Cameron Fous

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Speaking of podcasts… The radio of the Trader Movement is back thanks to @integracore2!

We resume the podcast presenting an argument for why the Sharpe Ratio isn’t the most optimal tool for measuring the performance of a trading strategy.

Stay tuned, more new episodes are on the way.


This podcast I’ve found very interesting for aspiring Algo trader. It offers MM point of view to markets

Market Making Myths & Truths

one more to add to my list



I listened to a dozen ot these podcasts during the weekend. It’s a great motivation to hear from these (multi)million earners, in the span of a year, a month, from own or company capital.
There’s that guy who gets banned from the exchange after earning 1.4 million in 4 hours, just like Flipper had seen exchange rules bent to counter him back in the days. He admits immediatly that he beat the game so much, there’s no point to fight this decision through a legal battle and he has to move on, give up on his niche and start again as an amateur elsewhere.
There’s also that manual money machine scalper who’s used to transmit his orders so quickly, even after slowing down on request, gets kicked out of his execution desk partner because the other humans that have to take care of the deals as only duty cannot follow the pace (they also have other customers to serve)

I think these videos are principally addressed to advanced traders, those who already found an edge and are missing to exploit it at a maximum level, which the only one is excellence. Of course, the actual edges are never revealed in detail (which many are searching for desperatly, so it may feel “out of answers” for the novice and intermediary retail), but it emphasizes that owning one is only ever a first step that won’t bring you so far alone.

I believe these podcasts precisely teach you what trading is about, by exposing what needs to be done to assembly all the puzzle pieces at the final stage.
Here, we’re talking about levels of demonstrated performances that are out of this world. Likely, only those guys deserve the title of traders and everyone else is just toying around compared to their achievements. The gap of collected skills is immense.

I noticed most of these reported stories of monster winners were related to stocks trading, focusing on the short term (few minutes usually, almost never past 2-3 days), only few on futures and options, almost nobody on the forex.
Also, many of them had experienced a form of success right from the beginning or had been able to correct themselves greatly in a matter of months after being mentored, which attest they do carry with them a special DNA to begin with, outside of hard work. Very few, if at all, stories of permanent losers or strugglers for years with a sudden radical change of outcome. One of the mentor seemed to expect positive results at year 1 or it was a bad sign (though not a lost case).
Finally, noticed that the ones really outshining, showcasing amazing consistency (“winning everyday” and when losing very rarely, not deep), although they do get help from the technology (filters, scanners), are actually following a discretionnary process from decisions to execution, which is quite a bold statement ! They mix a machine-like discipline that could make any bot jealous with the flexibility and virtuosity of the human brain for alpha extraction. Best of both worlds, dots joined !

These few master traders have results that are way above what can be logically expected. They broke the glass ceiling of the typical crowd and are evolving on their own league.

All did live and breath trading, including outside of office hours and through their life hygiene, through a global dedication, motivated by passion.

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Wow… so the flexibility of the human mind can extract everyday money from markets that move 99+% in a random way?

I trust only verified public and investable performance. :sunglasses: