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Trend and counter-trend in Fx

Every trader have different believe about Price.

You can trade only what you believe; therefore, your beliefs about price action must be at the core of your trading system. This will allow the trading system to reflect your personality, and you are more likely to
succeed with such a system over the long run.

Remember trading is zero sum game. In a zero sum game, someone can win only if somebody else loses.

Sorry disagree with you, Trading what you belief ! Trend is your friend ! these are concepts created by your innerself. If you have a system you must follow it, period. Every time in market is unique. Forget the one´s that tell you the beliefs of trend is your friend, … there´s no such thing. Forex market is the most irrational market in the world, forget everything you know and you will succceed.

About the zero sum game, in forex, cfd´s there´s not such thing.

Happy Trading
Telmo Pinto -

Why disagee with me, I said same thing. Both Trend and countertrend strategies works. Some Instruments have trending and other countertrend tendencies.


I disagree because i don´t believe in such concept of trend and counter-trend.

Happy Trading
Telmo Pinto