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TVS & ISC by lpphbti

About myself

I have over 10+ years of experience in trading F&O. I am trading forex since 2017.

Information about TVS & ISC Trading System

  1. Both Darwins TVS & ISC manage by three Expert Advisors and run Fully Automated with no manual intervention.

  2. Type of strategies used Volatility Breakout, Trend Pullback trade, and Reversal trade.

Risk Management

  1. Risk per trade varies from 0.5 to 3 percentage of Equity.

  2. Each position protected by Stop-Loss.

  3. No Grid, No Martingale and No average of an existing position.

Difference between Darwins TVS & ISC

  1. TVS operates on a higher time frame than ISC.

  2. Stop losses are usually 40-200 pips for TVS and 20-100 pips for ISC depending on market volatility and strategy.

  3. The average holding period for TVS is over a day, ISC most of the trade close on Intraday.

  4. TVS also trade Stock Index for Long Side only. Stock Index trading has a successful track record of over 02 years.

Finally, I can’t guarantee future returns but can promise Trading Discipline.

Best Regards


Hi, well done for the great start and good luck.
I have noticed that on TVS, you have much more money invested than ISC. I would expect the opposite, since TVS is focused on a higher time-frame, so you need a lower margin.
Any reason for that?



Hi, Thanks for your kind words.
I deploy a counter-trend strategy on the daily time frame for Stock Indexes(average holding period for strategy is 10days) with 2% Risk per trade for these trades I require a minimum capital of 4000-5000 USD to open minimum volume.
Also, ISC trade mostly during High volatility or Low volatility period. I expect to spread widening during these trades. I will see how trades executed at darwinex platform and compare these trades from my trading account with other brokers then increase the fund for ISC.


Two default filters added by Darwinex platform for Darwin ISC, On Fire, and Promising.


Promising default filter added by Darwinex platform for Darwin TVS .


First investor invested in Darwin ISC


There was sharp drawdown for both darwins ISC & TVS due to extremely volatile market. This drawdown is expected because I designed strategies to exploit the general market tendencies. I tried many filters in past for my algorithms to avoid extreme volatile condition without success. I am currently working on few idea to avoid volatile market. If I find anything worthy then I will let you know.


Simple MA -200 filter had done the great job for Darwin TVS. After 06.03.20 there is no countertrend position open for Stock Indices after price cross below MA-200.


Darwin TVS win its first allocation for DarwinIA contest

Allocation-60,000 Euro


Darwin TVS win its second allocation for DarwinIA contest

Allocation-84,000 Euro


Darwin TVS win its third allocation for DarwinIA contest

Allocation-124,490.66 €

It achieved the d-score of 80.4 in 10 months only.

Now it is not possible to land in top ten at DarwinIA with new d-score and higher lookback in near future. But I will continue to trade as usual.