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Unofficial :) survey on Investable Attributes

Which Investable Attribute do you think is more useful and efficient?

  • Experience
  • Market Correlation
  • Risk Stability
  • Risk Adjustment
  • Timing (Os Cs)
  • Consistency of Returns (R+ R-)
  • Consistency of Durations
  • Loss Aversion
  • Performance
  • Capacity

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In my humble opinion (and speaking from the point of view of a discretionary trader) trading feels like an equalizer composed of many attributes often intangible (persistence) other times tangible (risk control) but all of similar weight / importance.

In the end, our job is to find that sweet spot where we accomplish some kind of harmony between all those attributes and produce the best sound possible (money).

Not sure if we will find the Holy Grail of long-term investing by focusing on one attribute alone.

Cool survey anyway. Just my 2 cents… :expressionless:


Of course no attribute alone is enough but the preferred is the one that should not miss from every filter and is calibrated in a mature way to not penalyze specific styles.

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I agree,
and I’m very happy to see that Mc, Dc and Cp got no votes at all, because in my opinion they don’t mean anything with regards to the quality of an underlying strategy.

For Cp I can still see why it exists in the framework of limiting the AuM to protect investors from divergence. Although here I can see a shared responsibility to improve this attribute. The Trader can improve it by trading higher timeframes, or trading “in the middle of the minute”, but Darwinex can improve it too, by deepening the Liquidity pool or improving order transmission speeds.

As for Mc and Dc though, they mean literally nothing to me as a trader and I question their reason for existence.