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Update missing on portfolio - known?

I’m missing permanent updates on my demo portfolio.

Are there any restrictions known?

I expect it if the market is closed (green arrows), but I wonder about a permanent PnL of zero on active positions with a divergence (blue arrows). Incidently zero?

Does somebody know the solution? Is there a difference between live and demo portfolios? No Updates in a specific - current - time window?

Divergence is also permanently changing - to keep result of zero?

Did I miss something?

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Orders are shown with prices:

Looks like Darwinex did not trade Darwins at that times besides markets were open. Better explanations?

Several small errors have affected demo portfolios over the last days. Those are responsible for the missing data you mention.

While we aim at offering a demo portfolio experience similar to those of live portfolios, we sometimes also use demo portfolios for a last check / filter before deploying something that affects live portfolios.

When data gets lost during those ultimate checks, it normally gets fixed but sometimes it’s not worth the effort. Which is the case in the errors you mention.

I hope it clarifies the case and apologies for the inconvenience!


I didn’t see that data were lost, it just looked like there were no updates on the portfolio value. Hope your test was successful.