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Updating conditional orders

In the method
put /investoraccounts/{investorAccountId}/conditionalorders/{conditionalOrderId}
to modify a pending conditional order one should be able to only modify the parameter he or she wants to change. However, if I specify { “amount” : 3000.00 } to only change the amount to invest and leave the rest of parameters unchanged, it returns me the following Bad Request error

“[{“error”: “NO_CONDITIONAL_QUOTE”, “message”: “Conditional quote received null is null or less than zero.”, “detail”: { “thresholdQuote”: “null” }}]”,

Why should I need to provide the quote for BUY Limit if I don’t want to change it?

replying myself, lol, only when I enter the quote the order is correctly executed and reflected in my investor portfolio some seconds later.

I don’t see the point in repeating the quote of the BUY Limit if I don’t want to change it

At the moment it’s mandatory to provide all details. But it’s a good suggestion to consider “null” values as values for which no change is desired.
Thanks for the suggestion :wink: