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UPP - freedum

Discretionary/manual trading strategy with narrow focus on EUR, GBP and EUR/GBP.

Exploits market flow and liquidity runs around London and NY open, looking to close 80% of the trade within 1-2 days. Efficient in both ranging and trending markets.

Strategy based 90% on price action and 10% on (two) indicators.

UPP has 3 main objectives, listed below, in order of importance:

  • a steady return of 5% per month, with minimum drawdown and exposure duration
  • continued improvement of specific aspects of the strategy (see below)
  • transparency, open communication and inviting dialogue with traders & investors.

Currently, special focus is on:

  • managing risk, specifically not letting drawdowns spiral out of control
  • diligently working on improving exits, which will result in more Bonus ROI months (see July)

Investors who are looking for a lot of action on behalf of their Darwins might be disappointed with this specific one. I prefer not to expose myself to unnecessary risk, and I will stop trading for the month if the target ROI/month is attained.

UPP is very much a work in progress, and there’s still a long journey in improving this strategy. I don’t want to bore anybody with unnecessary details, but I’m happy to elaborate if you guys have questions.


UPP ( has today joined the 50% club, with total returns of 50.99% at this moment.

A special thank you to the two investors/early adopters of UPP!

Kind regards


Keep UPP the good work :slight_smile: !


+4.36% is close enough to the 5% return target, so we’re calling it a month.

February saw a small drawdown right at the beginning, carefully mitigated and recovered from around mid-month.

Shout-out to all the Darwins who are working hard to keep drawdowns under control and remain close to sea level. Staying in the game is essential to long-term consistency.

Kind regards,

No fluff, just numbers.

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I stated previously the focus on improving exits for the strategy. Following up on that, here are some trades we took this month that show we’re on the right path:

Setups like these present themselves every month.

The patience/experience to remain on the sidelines until setups like these come up will not be reflected in the Experience score, but will definitely be reflected in the ROI at the end of the month.

Kind regards,

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UPP has returned a nice +4,82% for the month of June.

We’ve made small but significant tweaks to the kelly criterion for position sizing in periods of drawdown.

SKJ constitutes a model for us in that regard, with its really minuscule drawdowns, though SKJ is trading the Asian session.

Drawdown minimization is an important step towards helping UPP become progressively more antifragile - in the face of high volatility, low liquidity, investor volume etc. Those are all
things we keep in mind and factor into every single trade, and the results are showing.

Our investors who bought the dip have profited nicely after the month of June, and we are on track
to surpass our previous year’s returns, which is something we are really looking forward to.

Kind regards


Hi why is your CP score so low?

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Looking interesting, congrats on the progress.

If you got time, may I ask if you did some kind of backend to check the viability of the indicators and how well the price action was interpreted on past data? If you did, do you have some ranges of probable DD max, profitability, etc. Thanks!