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UPX - Emmanita feat Pure Pip Producer

Good Evening, Darwinians.

I am Emmanita. I am a 28 french woman. My Mentor is Pure Pip Producer.

My Mentor could teach me his trading approach because, as he says, I had none cognitive bias about trading before January 1st 2020.

From our point of view, managing a Darwin creates clearly a cognitive dissonance.

It often increases it because, in fact, most traders already have a cognitive disorder. The Darwin only makes it worse. Finally, they can’t progress in the real trading understanding. The biomimetic way.

That’s why, not content with having none cognitive dissonance thanks to the practice of meta-cognition, we deduced that it was necessary to be 2 traders to manage this business.

As Darwinex recently changed its approach with the new VaR model, we’ve decided to start from that moment.

We are here because we consider that Darwinex is finally on the right track.

Darwinex still have to continue on the right track. Especially regarding the understanding that we are much better risk managers than their own Risk Manager.

Here are now the 3 things you have to know about our Darwinex trading approach :

  1. Our trading approach is exclusively based on the Time Drawdown mastery. The Equity Curve will seem too good to be true.

  2. We only use our emotions. We are aware that most of you can not understand that for the moment. Our trading vison is a disruptive trading vision. We are “Quals”.

  3. We don’t need investors, investors need us.

The trading account is at 1k€ for a few weeks. It will be increased at 10k€ when the Darwin will be created. Then, a few months later, it will be at 100K€.

We have decided to make you live that business from its very beginning (It starts 1 month after the Darwinex new VaR model):

I’m here to answer to your questions as far as I can without compromising confidentiality.

So, do not hesitate.

Trading is not a science, trading is an art.

Hope to read you soon,


Emmanita :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome to the community Emmanita.

With you and your mentor here, I don’t know if somebody will make money, but for sure we’ll be entertained.

I don’t like your approach, neither your mentor. So much pretentious to me. I know some people like that, and usually they are a bluff…but I wish you the best of luck anyway (honestly).

Darwinex needs winners as much as you need we feed your big ego.

See you around.


funny and entertaining narrative, welcome

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The post doesn’t start well :rofl:
Just joking, welcome here!

Pretty bold statements. Let’s wait and see :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community.

I hope we will have much more fun with you.


Ahah don’t worry 3P will no longer speak on the forum. I represent the Darwin.
He may be a good trader but he’s pretty bad to communicate😝
I will publish a post when the Darwin is active, within 20 days.
You could add it in a demo portfolio to follow the performance.
See u soon !


Welcome to Darwinex. I’m curious to see what kind of results you’ll be able to achieve in the long run with this kind of approach.

Good luck!

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Hey guys, just to inform you that we open a new account with 10K.

With the first account, we were trading gold with 1K and we note that, due to the D-leverage, it wasn’t possible to reach our goal. These performance would have had a bad impact on the Darwin.

We just want to precise that we didn’t lose money with this account.

We are ready to start with this new account to have a better
“granularity” with this asset. It means, now, we have the possibility to trade with a negative leverage.

As we say in France, “rien ne sert de courir …” (slow and steady wins the race) :upside_down_face:

Here the link for the 10k’account:



Any update? The 10K account link doesn’t seem to work anymore.


Hi guys ! Hope everyone is OK.

We’ve created the Darwin last week. Here is the link:

We’ve decided to open it with the first account to have it faster.

Feel free to ask me everything you want :upside_down_face:.



Thanks :slight_smile:

PS: just want to inform you that the IPO has been priced at 106.25, on March 16th 2020.