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{Video Series} Portfolio Backtesting in Visual C# for Algorithmic Trading

Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

It is with great privilege that we welcome Paul Exler (DARWIN Manager @XedFX to our team of Technical Content Creators at Darwinex :clap:

Paul brings many years of practising experience in Algorithmic Trading & Systems Development in C# and Python to the table, and is the Manager behind DARWIN $CBY.

He and I are working together to create a fully functional DARWIN Portfolio Backtester in C# that will evolve in step-by-step fashion with each tutorial :muscle:

The Backtester is entirely powered by the DARWIN API and Raw DARWIN Data FTP repository.

All source code will be open source and published to GitHub with each tutorial release.

Feel free to download and follow along and/or if you would like to submit your own contributions, please start a Pull Request from your respective forks :+1:

This effort aims to not only be an extremely informative, but also a very exciting series of tutorials that bring the combined experience of the Darwinex Alpha Team to the table for everyone’s benefit.

Our main objectives are:

  1. To empower any algorithmic traders among you to build bespoke tools and resources using the DARWIN dataset.

  2. To demonstrate that the DARWIN asset class can be modeled and traded just like ANY other asset class in existence.

  3. That by leveraging the DARWIN API, traders can create a layer of alpha generation on top of existing alpha generators, addressing the issue of signal-to-noise ratios in conventional underlying assets.

Please find below the first 9 videos of the series on YouTube: