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{Video Series} Quantitative Alpha R&D for Traders

Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

It is with great privilege that we welcome Eriz Zárate (@erizzarate, a Quant specialized in AI-driven Strategy R&D) to our team of Technical Content Creators at Darwinex :clap:

Eriz brings to Darwinex, his vast experience in Algorithmic Trading, Quant Finance, and the application of AI-driven learning to financial markets.

His passion for quantitative innovation is showcased by the sheer number of Spanish government and private sector awards in technology and innovation that he’s received so far, coupled with being a QuantInsti EPAT Best Performing Alumni and having a published book title to his name where he scientifically dissects the status quo in the Spanish education ecosystem.

Interestingly enough, he transitioned from a life in Biology and Pharmacy to Quantitative Trading :bulb:

Eriz and I are working together on a number of informational video series that we hope will bring the cumulative experience of the Alpha Team to the table for the benefit of the wider Quant and Algorithmic Trading communities :muscle: :pray:

This content isn’t something you’ll find in a book, and is very likely going to raise many eyebrows / create self-reflection into algorithmic trading practices and the status quo.

So please do subscribe to the Darwinex YouTube Channel and follow the playlists as they surface!

Here are the first few that we’ve released so far:

Kindly direct any questions to Eriz by tagging his user @erizzarate here on this thread :pray:

Thank you!