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VLR – Vipro



This Darwin uses automatic trading strategies on 4 currency pairs. On each pair working from 1 to 3 Expert Advisors (EA) with different settings. Expert Advisors uses M5, M30 and H1 timeframes, some Moving Average indicators with different dynamic settings for getting signals to positions open. Positions closed by Take Profit and Stop Loss levels, in some cases by Traling Stop or by timeout.

Brief history

2009 — Start developing Trading Startegies and implementing in Expert Advisors for MT4 platform.
2010 — Testing and start using EA in trading. Created first public Signal Provider Vipro on ZuluTrade
2012 — Refactoring of trading startegies, looking for new approaches, optimizations.
2014 — Selecting the set of Expert Advisors and currency pairs with best results for past time.
2015 — Developing programing tools for parallel working trading strategies on different MT4 accounts with different settings of Money Management.
2016 — Optimization, selecting and deployment Trading Startegies on several Invesment services, including, AAAFx (Zulu), FXTM and Darwinex.


At present for all managed trading accounts used the only one source of Trading Signals with similar settings of Money Management.
You are welcome!


We are glad you joined us @Vipro !

I can see you haven’t chosen an avatar for your username yet, I hope you find this post by my colleague @bianka useful!

Trade safe!

Thank you!
By the way, I already found @bianka 's post and uploaded avatar picture. But on Community this changes had no effect until I logout and login now.


Thanks for the heads up!

Nice avatar, BTW :slight_smile:

Hi @Vipro,

At the moment I am your sole investor, for the time being okay;-)


Hi, @Medialux,
nice to meet you and thanks for trust.

This month is not so good, there is drawdown almost all time at September. Only today most positions closed and got a little results.
I hope VLR will be profitable in long term.

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Today was a risky morning. Fortunately, on source account was opened very small volume of positions for GBP. So, on most services, including Dareinex, this volume did not copied because it was less than 0.01 lot on these services.
Except only one — Vipro at Zulu, where there was a sufficient volume of equity that the size of a proportional position was more minimum lot.
Fortunately, it was sell positon. And after it closing with profit was opened buy position that also closed with profit.

On the one of real account, following by that, results was different, but also profitable:

Would what happened if buy positions on GBP were open? Unlike profit in ~0.6% the loss in ~0.6% would be received.


Can you explain to your investor why this is good news as positive trades of several hundred pips were not replicated to the Darwin ? :hushed:

Anyway, congratulations to be among the survivors of that butchery.

@Medialux, it is important question, and I’ll get complete answer a bit later.

In common, those trades were not replicated because of money management rules for trader’s equity on Darwinex account, which is only $708.1 at present:

but there was only ~$608 at 07.10

At first,

— because, when coming “black swan” like 07.10.2016 on GBPUSD or 15.01.2015 on USDCHF it is better to have no open position on high volatility currency pair, or to have small volume position, which can get not so big loss if it has wrong direction.

As I wrote in first post, on each currency pair working from 1 to 3 Expert Advisors (EA) with different settings.

Experts work at the separate MT4-demo-account (source), and on live accounts open only copies of source positions of necessary volume according to settings of capital management.

Each EA can handle from 10 to 20 copies of one trading startegy for current pair. Volume of each position, which can open EA, is fixed (0.1 lot), but count of open positions at source account can be very big (up to ~250 in worst case). It is no problem on demo-account and it is more simple for programming strategies algorithms.

But when I need to move these startegies on real-accounts, such as Darwinex trading account for strategy ViproAlfaM and DARWIN VLR, I have to have some money management rules to get strategy with given average profitability and max drawdown.

One year ago I tried different settings for profitability and drawdown, and current settings are result of big work for optimization.

For example, for GBPUSD will open 0.1 lot position on live-account for each position at source-account when balance of liive account is $150000. If I have only $150000 / 10 = $15000 on live account, will open 0.01 lot position on live-account for each position with fixed volume 0.1 lot at source-account.
But for current balance ~$600 one position of 0.01 lot will open only when on source-account will opened at least $15000 / $600 = 25 positions on GBPUSD.

That is the cause why GBPUSD positions 07.10 were not replicated from source account to the Darwin: opened volume on source account was not enough for opening even 0.01 lot on Darwin live account.

It is “good news” in the sense that MM rules of restriction of possible drawdown (and of possible losses) are applied and work.


I plan to increase my own investments to VLR’s trading account every week or two.

Today $250 were added, and summary balance is ~$958 at present. This is not visible at Darwin’s page yet, because the data is updated daily.


Here is demo-account, that used at present for my Signal Provider Vipro on ZuluTrade platform, published as Darwinex Strategy — ViproZulu

Before 2016 August, 23, there are only GBPUSD trades. Later and for now all of four currensy pairs are used for trading. Also from this date was decreased trading volume / profit / drawdown.

Unfortunately, for strategy from demo-account Darwinex don’t calculate Investable Attributes.

You can load the trackrecord of a demo like if it were a backtest I think.
In order to preview score and attributes.

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@CavaliereVerde, thank you for a good idea. I just did as you wrote and have got following result — ViproZuluStatement. It was very interestingly for me for a further research.

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Unfortunatelly tests are visible only for the profile owner. :smiley:

Indeed! )
As already declared existence of calculations results, for satisfaction of curiosity I publish them. As expected, Investable Attributes were worse, than for VLR:

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Continue to increase my investment to Darwin VLR by small steps.
Today added only $155, total balance is $1124.

Welcome to two new investors at last week, thank you for trust.


From just received e-mail:

It’s Friday again!

It was a good week — added $330 to my investment into Darwin VLR from the profit of this week on Zulu. Total balance is $1474.

Welcome to new investor, thank you for trust.


Hi @Vipro,

Congratulations on your trading. I’m your first investor and for now I am very satisfied. In addition, to once bought a Darwin at a good price :slight_smile:

However I am concerned about the decline of the Monthly VaR of your strategy!

It’s good to add capital, but it can be toxic to the stability of your VaR.

Do not fall into the trap and avoid end up with too low VaR.

If you increase capital, increase the lots accordingly! Or make other arrangements to absolutely prevent a collapse of your VaR.

I set myself a rule: all Darwins of which VaR strategy falls below 6% is ejected from my portfolio.

Hi, @Medialux,
don’t worry about increasing the lots accordingly increasing the balance — it is completely automated.

It was very important part for deployment trading strategies one some PAMM services, where investors can deposit and withdraw money directly into the trading account in any time. So for keeping a fixed ratio between the volume of open lots and the available equity it is requires automatic increase / decrease volume of open lots in case of deposit / withdraw of money. This ability was implemented and is used now in VLR also.

I do not plan to change money management settings for decreasing VaR. It’s just a Market. In October there are smaller drawdown for open positions then in September, for example:

I post image from Zulu, because don’t find where in Darwinex are Balance and Equity curves on the same graph.