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VLR – Vipro

For this Darwin VLR added trading on 2 new currency pairs. Total number of used currency pairs is 6 at present (all combinations of GBP, USD, AUD, CAD).

I moved $400 from VLR to new Darwin which will be available for the next week.

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VLR touched the last maximum of Return after almost two months of wating.

Also I moved more $250 from VLR to new Darwin - not so good start as I wish.

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One more week done - and let’s do some fun.

As described, my new Darwin was created at 10 December, but it will be on the public only since 19 December - it is one of rules of Darwinex. Acronym for new Darwin already selected and I can’t change it.

Whether somebody can guess its acronym?

Hints: it is not random combination of three letters. It was second member of the set of three Darwin’s acronyms. The third acronym is free at present, if all will be ok, I plane to use it for third Darwin in the future.

And the some rules:

  • Each person can choose 5 possible options of an acronym.
  • Deadline for posting and summing up is 19 Dec 00:00 MSK (UTC+3)
  • Little prize for the right answer is $50. If there will be more than one right answer, prize will be divided for each person.

And as usual - weekly picture

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Added $100 to VLR which I win in little bet of regarding previous post.

Current balance is $1382.


One more week done

Unfortunately, there is new drawdown on VLR. So, get more patience and wait for a next week.

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Did not you have the opportinity to stop your system towards mid-December?

Personally I consider the fact that a strategy that connects to a Darwin is active the last two weeks of December and the first week of January as a fault.

I have to disagree.
Look to my LSC with a custom period from 15 december 2015 to 6 january 2016: +30%

Yes, it is difficult to stop trading if there are many Expert Advisors working and having open positions.

Until now there was no significant changes in currency’s market such as high volatility on these holidays. Only very low activity or even disabled trading by some brokers. So, there was no big reason to stop trading, instead as before Brexit, for example.

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IMO if you are an algo trader and you want to replicate the performance of your tests you have to behave in the same way.
If your algo never stopped with hystorical data you don’t have to stop it running live.
In my specific case december and january are some of the best months.


Waiting for the next week and Next Year

Darwin VLR has -5.55% at the end of December, and Underlying Strategy ViproAlfaM has +3.25%.

For year 2016 Darwin VLR has 61.51%, and Underlying Strategy ViproAlfaM has +39.41%.


Happy New Year!


It’s Friday again!
Was… Yesterday…

At this week VLR closed a sequence of positions on GBPUSD which has begun to open 20 days ago.

I finished job by optimization parameters on third group of currency pairs for new Darwin. But it will started not so soon.

Also added $200 to VLR as investor.
Welcome to new investor on this week.

The next step of optimization already started, but now it’s corresponded to improving entry points to market.
Proceeding from these data, there is the potential for improvement:

I already tried to perform such optimization during 2012 - 2014 years without any notable results. Now it is time for one more attempt.

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One more week is done

At present VLR has drawdown on open asset of AUDUSD.


Hi Vipro,

i am following you stats in darwinex and myfxbook and I have a question for you.

With +300k following you in Myfxbook and more than +60 live followers, i would like to know aprox. how much earnings you have monthly in average. I dont need you tell me the right number but maybe something aprox. more or less, between xxx and xxx as example.

I am starting in forex and have some stats in myfxbook too, so i like to know a little more about the advantage if I get a good number of live followers as you, if my trading stats are going as good as you trading stats.

Hope you have a nice year 2017 and continue with you great performance with trading in darwinex and myfxbook. Good Luck

Hello @canlloret,

Thank you for the question - during investigating your accounts on Myfxbook I knew about new service, and added my accounts to it too.

Earnings from Myfxbook also is small - from $0 to $70 weekly. It depends from count of profitable trades in a week, count of followers and theirs lot settings.

Have a nice 2017 year too!

It is very small, considering a 400k aum.

I think at the moment a monthly subscription is the more rewarding system for traders: 20$ , 50 subscribers, and you have a salary.

But we are here for greater targets! :wink:

It was hard week… VLR exceeded high drowdown level since start, and max DD now is 15.18%. From other side it is less then expected high DD yet. My two other darwins also started from drawdown and have a negative result at the moment. So, needs wating and patience.

Wating for the next week…


New week is started already

At last week on VLR I made changes to StopLoss levels and since that the curve of balance will be more closely to equtiy curve, as you can see at following picture. There was no changes in algorithms.

At last week AUM on Myfxbook has considerably decreased as expected because of proceeding drawdown:



The Aum on your AutoTrade profile decreased by more than half in 1 week?

It seems that gamblers on AutoTrade are more volatile than investors on Darwinex.

Anyway a big bravo for your transparency even during a difficult phase.


Thanks for your post, @Medialux.

To be more accurately let’s look at changes of number of live followers instead of AUM:
2 weeks ago - 64
1 week ago - 58 (-6)
0 week ago - 45 (-13)

This decreasing is not so much as AUM, but also is not so small.


Current week is done

After long peroid of waiting closed positions on AUDUSD by StopLoss and on AUDCAD by Timeout.
Added $100 to investor account for VLR.
Added $450 to trading account of VLR and $250 to trading account of VLS.

Previosly I posted perfomance graph from Myfxbook for trading account from which Darwin VLR was migrated. From next week I will post only perfomance graph for current trading account of VLR because there is the small difference between these accounts already: