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Weekend trading through LMAX

Since LMAX has just announced their Weekend FX product, which effectively allows trading during the weekend for USDJPY and EURUSD (for now), I was wondering if Darwinex has any plans to introduce this as well, given that LMAX is one of their LP’s?

See this FinanceMagnates article and this LMAX PDF for more info on their Weekend FX product.


Just pointing out something.

I did trade with a broker that had prices open during the weekend. The spread on EU was something like 30-40 pips and average price movement could be anything from 1 to 30 pips. My point is that sure you can adjust stops or close out positions if you need that but to actually trade did not feel useful.


In fact, it’s a separate product and LMAX requires you to open a separate account in order to trade it. Perhaps, later on, it’ll be merged but for now, there’s no modifying or closing spot FX positions in the weekend since they’re literally different instrument codes :slight_smile:

I know that IG has weekend trading and as is to be expected, liquidity is horrible most of the times. That said, in the event of certain weekend news (I’m thinking G7 meetings, for example), it could still be useful to have the functionality available.


I don’t know whether it’s worth to keep the machine running for only two pairs.

It’s not planned to offer weekend trading until all of Darwinex’s liquidity providers offer it. We can’t rely on only one provider, need to be able to redirect flow when there’s a problem with one.

Should all of them start offering it, then Darwinex would engage in a serious cost-benefit analysis.


Thanks for the reply bianka! Makes sense to wait until all LP’s do this.

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Why would you want to even trade on weekends? This is the time to review the past week, work on getting better and to get ready for the week ahead. But much more importantly, do something a million miles away from trading and a screen. Just my humble opinion.

Weekend trading is for gamblers with no life and crypto nerds who can’t get birds.