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What about my approach? (SL 5% PL 10%)

Hi there.
I’m newvie about darwinex. I’m thinking about some ideas right now.

Here is my approach.

  1. Spend the same money in Top 10 strategies.(On Fire, Trending, etc)
  2. If the strategy lost 5%, stop it. Sell if 10% revenue.

It’s simply a strategy of making ‘payout ratio’ two.

What about my approach? I’m not very experienced with portfolio investment.

If you are buying on fire, it is likely you are buying the high of a good month. so likely drawdown is on its way.

If simple strategies like this worked, more would be using them.

Why don’t you find 10 good darwins with decent amount of time spent at darwinex, find out the average drawdowns for said Darwins so far and scale into to each darwin as they undergo next drawdown period , then HOLD and manage . take some profits off when they go into good period and hold rest


Thank you for the advice.:smiley:

Is there no momentum in the strategy? How can I filter to follow your advice? a

If I were you , i would spend A LOT of time reading through the threads here.

Lots of advice on how to analyse darwins, how to avoid scammers, risky darwins etc

It may save you a lot of money and wasted time.


Thank you Muiris. I will read it.

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This is the way i select a darwin for my investment account.
i select the darwin and look at the 3 month and 6 month return and filter on the “return”
ill select the first one and scroll down the list.

Here under i show you a darwin i selected.
I watch always in which kind of way the line is going up or down.
In this picture you see a darwin which goes very smooth up with no big downs.
Then i select the “underlying strategy” to see how many trades it make and on which assest it trade.
it makes like 1 or 2 trades on GBP/USD with small profit or loss.

Now i will show you a darwin with also a nice profit, but i woudn’t invest in it because of the trading style.
Because it trade on the +US Crude/USD (Spot) and only make a few trades you get very high profit or loss.
Now it makes very nice profit, but if the trades goes wrong i think it also make a big loss.
The line isn’t so smooth as the one on top.

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Thank you ‘power’.

Is this your Entry condition?


  1. 3 month top n
  2. 6 month top n
  3. ‘proper’ trades

I am impressed your portfolio. It’s Very simple but effective.

well i am just started to be honest.
i selected at the start darwins with a good track record of a year or 2 years.
Then i had some in my investment account and it didn’t bring me what i expected.

So i was selecting the return top10 or top 20 on 3 month and 6 month.
in the picture below you see i invested in the number 4 and 5 of the return at the last 6 months.
This is because of the smooth line up in comparison the first 3 darwins and other ones.

We will see if they keep up with the profit, you will never know how long it goes allright.
But i keep tracking my investment account and if the trading is in my opinion getting bad ill drop them and select a other one.
I still think it is hard to find the good darwins and not always the darwins with the most investors is the best one.
The only thing i don’t like is if the account have migration date like the one below.
After this date it is more dropping down then going up, and before it had so nice and smooth line going up. (ill call it a catfisch and stay off it)

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Most important: try your ideas on your demo portfolio first and take the time to see whether they work.

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every “easy” strategy seems to work with the lucky darwins that you find after 30 seconds on the main site… :slight_smile:
When the “winners” turn to losers they aren’t visible anymore.

Try this ones:


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My approach would be different.
Check one by one the most profitable Darwins in the las 6-12 months. Then watch the trading approach and how they recover off DD and loses, and if you like the behavior put one by one on the list and wait until they have some DD to invest on them. Ad one by one (buying in a DD) in a DEMO account for 6 months and see the evolution. I wouldn´t put more than 5 or 10 darwins.
If you start on a REAL investment account…just pray!
PS: check Capacity too if you are investing in some darwin with a lot of investors already, otherwise - at least you are going to invest a lot of money- it won´t be very relevant.


Wow. your example darwin show terrible drawdown.

I think it is hard to find the good darwins too. and I think it is difficult to have patience. The graph show one year shortly, but I have to live every day.

Thank you very much. Thanks to you, I could break the illusion and have a sense of reality.

I have understood ‘winnerstolosers’ but I don’t understand ‘crashed’ darwin. Why did these strategies stop working? Did the traders stop?

I think your idea is good. and I know the algorithm trader who excute your idea.

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Whe you will have more experience you will understand that is much easier to make a strategy that works for few months than one that lasts for many years .
Those guys designed something with an impressive growth to attract noob investors.

So do a lot of demo!

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